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It is truly my belief that we all came here to planet earth as to have a very unique experience. Unique meaning your soul wanted to learn certain lessons and evolve to a higher level. Higher level meaning becoming more of that which you already are which is Love.

The more you are aligned with that which you intended to learn, the more you are going with the current of your own life, instead of against it. By going with the current, your life will be filled with ease, passion, joy and fulfilment.  When you go against the current of your life, then you will experience, struggle and suffering.

The first sign that you will notice when you are going against your own current, is experiencing dis-ease. This dis-ease initially starts as an inner conflict. An inner conflict in your thinking and in how you feel. This inner conflict is a sign that you are out of alignment of who you are, meaning out of alignment with who you are at your core and what you came here to experience as a soul. 

This inner conflict, aka inner toxins, cuts you of from the eternal flow of energy that gave, and continues, to give you life. Some names for this eternal energy is "universe" "God", "quantum field", Zero Field Energy, etc. Thus, when the dis-ease is not addressed it will progress to a disease. Thus dis-ease and disease is nothing but a lack of flow of your Life force energy. 


So it's vital that you keep this life force flowing so your body has an abundance of energy and keep your body functioning optimally. Optimal flow means Optimal Vitality and Health


Your body is the vessel through which this energy flows. All the cells of your body hold a charge the same as the battery of your car does. The body is like a large battery that needs to be re-charged for optimal function.

When your cells cannot hold enough charge then it will impair certain organs or organ systems as these organs and systems are made out of cells, like heart cells, lung cells, muscle cells, brain cells, pancreas cells, etc. Lack of charge is lack of energy resulting in lack of performance /function.

Your cells cannot hold enough charge when they live in an environment that is unhealthy. For example due to toxins from food, water, personal care products, environment, etc. This will impair not only how that specific organ or organ system works but it will also impair the communication that is required for the body to function optimally as a whole.


So it is vital that you reduce the toxic load that you take in through what you consume and to that which you are exposed to in your environment as a whole. So besides inner toxins we also have these external toxins and both need to be addressed as to keep the body healthy and happy.

So what is my story. I have been reducing the toxic load of the food by eating mostly organic, by drinking reverse osmosis water, using organic and non-toxic personal care products, and by living in a small beach town which has much less exposure to environmental toxins as compared to living in a big city.


I exercised 3-4 x a week and thus on a physical level I was doing fairly well as to provide my cells with an optimal environment to live in. Don't forget, as to get there was a journey, which I started about 15 years prior and I slowly implemented what I learned along the way. Thus, when looking at the physical aspect, I was doing quite well.


In my journey, the aspect that brought me the greatest suffering (and lessons) were my Love Relationships.  Unfortunately I not only had to go through several long term relationships, but along the way I had depleted so much of my life force that I was forced to "take a break" and have a serious look at especially this aspect of my life.


I had been swimming against my own current of life for so long that I run out of energy. So the dis-ease in the relationship manifested eventually as a real physical disease. I was diagnosed with adrenal burnout, which resulted in leaky gut syndrome, which then negatively affected my vitality, sex drive, muscle tissue, immune system and in general my ability to deal with adversity, and it slowly eradicated the joy in my life. II had run down my own battery (my body) to the point that it now was causing severe issues in all aspects of my life. 

I had gotten stuck in a downward spiral leading to being burned out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It sure was a giant wake up call and looking back the issue had been staring me in the face for many years but I had become a master in ignoring it, in covering it up............... until I could do no more.

My experience in healthcare, my burnout, as well as the journey back to regain my health, vitality and joy in life, led me to creating Optimal Health Solutions.

My mission is, of course, to help people prevent where I ended up..... or worse, as I have witnessed in many of my patients. 

We all have our own unique story, which include the issues and challenges that we all face in our journey. The choices, whether conscious or unconscious, that you have made so far, is the life you live right now. It is these choices that determine the quality of your present inner and outer life. 

It will be my privilege as to assist you in transforming those aspects of your life that prevent you to enjoy life to the fullest.

The best way to find out how I can help you is to have a 30 minute complimentary call which you can book by clicking on the link below.


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