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Body Image

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We live in a society where external factors are a primary force of how many people determine how much they are worthy of being seen, heard, valued, desired and maybe most of all Loved.

Our physical body is one of these external factors. We all come in many shapes and seizes but not all are considered beautiful in our society. The media is the main cause of this and thus many are trying to obtain a physical body, and exterior, that is "valued" and "desired" by society.

However, the value is not in the external but in the internal. The internal represented by not only our amazing make up and the automated organ systems but even more so who we embody as a soul and how we expresses that uniqueness into the world as a man or woman.

However, the conditioning that we are all exposed to from almost the day that we were born, has made it extremely challenging as to not be influenced by societies so called standards. Many have become so focused on the external, on the way they look, that the internal aspects are often sacrificed as to achieve this external "perfection".

Extreme workouts and diets are just a few of the damaging practices as to achieve that perfect external facade but maybe even more harmful is the ongoing mental and emotional stress that this distorted Body Image is causing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is often quite evident how different cultures have different standards of "physical beauty"

However, it is not the perception of others that is important but how you perceive yourself. The perception is based on your internal programming, meaning the beliefs you hold within and through that are accepting or rejecting of what makes you feel not only beautiful, but also valued, appreciated, worthy, and most of all loved.

By letting go of who we think we have to be, we then open the door as to not only create Optimal Health but an Optimal Life.

Let the journey begin !

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