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The B12 Myth

The bacteria that is created inside the lower intestine and is excreted in the bile and effectively reabsorbed—this is known as enterohepatic circulation. The amount recycled can range from 1 to 10 micrograms per day.

There is much hearsay and untruths around B12 and there is one such as… “though the intrinsic factor is produced in our stomachs and that our intestines are known to produce B12, the bacteria is too low down for absorption.”

This is false. We do absorb it though our intestine, and that theory is obsolete science fear.

Good bacteria, which the body needs is inside the gut, and this allows the fruit/food that you’re ingesting to be broken down and fermented so the body can utilize the vitamins and minerals.

The industry has promoted things such as B12, Omega 3,6 and 9 and a wide variety of supplements. Supplements cause more issues and the body has to break things down into absorbable nutrients or separate them as just toxic waste which puts stress on the liver and kidneys, to then get stored within the fat cells.

It’s not a good idea to try to supplement real food with things created by man. As this is how we get into the problem in the first place.

The gut bacteria is destroyed by use/over use of antibiotics or from the residue in meat, dairy, alcohol , smokers and high temperature cooked food and also stress causes the need for more B12. There are also a few other things which are deadly and destroy B12 and gut flora. They are onion, radish, garlic and oils.

Also, please note that meat eaters are known to be more likely B12 deficient, and this had been KNOWN since before 1960.

Rebuilding the recycling of the B12 is key, and soft easily fermentable fruits is vital in rebuilding this. Remember, the fruit that bears the seed is the only logical thing that mankind has to keep sustaining life.

The food is alive, the food creates life. The food has seeds, the seeds create trees and the trees create fruit. Trees give us oxygen and take our carbon dioxide and this is how life is and should be sustained.

The future is stress and disease free and we will find this by planting organic fruit trees and eating from them for free in abundance.

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