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If I would ask you, “who are you?” then first thing that may come up is your telling me your name. However, you are not your name. Your name is just a small part of the total expression of that which you truly are. Next thing that may cross your mind is telling me where you live, the family you were born into, or even the type of profession you have.

The truth is that we are Beings comprised of many aspects and at Optimal Health Solutions we are using 7 aspects as a tool as to get more clarity of this journey called life.

We will never be able to comprehend with our limited intellectual mind who we truly are. Thus, the questions of “who are you” will not be able to be answered by using our analytical mind only, meaning our L-brain.

It is said that we use less than 10% of our brain and this reference is related to the

L-brain aka as to intellectual or analytical mind. So, the other 90% is to be found in the right side of the brain. This R-brain exists of primarily dormant braincells.

This because as a society we are conditioned that the L-brain has all the answers, it is the know-it-all, and thus we have become a L-brain dominant society. A society based on the thinking mind, science, the need for proof…… in other words “the intellect”.

If this intellect, this science, is so superior then why is there for example no solutions as to heal people from all the diseases that are almost guaranteed when we get older, and this despite the so-called advancements in modern medicine.

If you look at the real truth of all the science reports, and not the “convenient truth” that you can read in journals and hear in the news, then a lot of deception will be uncovered. If this would become public knowledge then there may be only very few people who would even want to use for example pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food additives, and chemicals that many put, almost daily, in and on their body and spray and use in their homes.

Science is corrupted and we have, and continue to be a witness how greed and power is the fuel and that big money is taking over the world.

We live in a world of rapid development of technology. Some say it is advanced technology. Much of todays technology is great and can be used as to make this world a better place but instead it is used as to program people (media), to spy on them (NSA), to control their resources ( financial markets), to poison them (food industry and big pharma) but maybe most of all, to DISTRACT them of what is really going on.

This worldwide system of manipulation is so ingrained by most of the people on this planet that they have become slaves of the “system” in whatever form that may be.

However, at the same time others have had enough and are exposing the lies that the “system” has been spreading for especially the last 100 years.

There is no need to “fight” the system as it has infiltrated everywhere. All that is needed is to let go of this world of lies.

These lies are not only outside of us, but they are also deeply ingrained inside each of us. These lies are called BELIEFS. These beliefs are the accumulation of all the lies that we have witnessed since the day were born. These lies are stored in your subconscious mind and is the creator of your identity. It is a false identity as it is founded on lies. These subconscious lies (beliefs) tell you who you must be, what you must have, how you need to look and behave, the job you must have, etc. as to feel loved and valued. In other words, your identity is not who you truly are.

These lies within, your beliefs, control your habits and behaviors and thus manifest many of the outcomes that you experience in your life. It is you limited L-brain that chatters all day long and continue to trigger emotions that continue to fuel those habits and behaviors and therefore continues to control you.

The good news is that you have the power of CHOICE. Many people think they make choices, but it is their subconscious lies (beliefs) that are doing most of the choosing, without them ever knowing it. Becoming aware of your beliefs is key and I have addressed this in the “mind over matter” blog.

In this blog I want to go one step further which is for you to learn to bypass these beliefs. This means you must by-pass the L-brain. Long term goal is for you to find harmony between the L-brain and R-brain, but because we are so identified (addicted) with this L-brain activity, it is important as to learn to bypass it first.

In other words, you must let go of it, as an addict has to let go of his heroin. It is only then that you become the master of your L-brain instead of it continue to enslave/control you.

To do this you have to start engaging your R-brain, you must wake it up. You wake it up through several means like by being present in the moment, by being silent, by being in nature, meditation/prayer, the right nutrition, etc.

You must connect to who you truly are, which is your Higher Self. Your Soul aspect is the spark that is present within you, as to guide you back to this Higher Self.

Your physical body is the system that will help you reconnect to who you truly are, a Divine Being incarnated on planet Earth. It is this connection that will provide you with true freedom and abundance and then for the first time in a long time, will get you closer to answering the question “who are you?

However, you will not be able to reconnect if your body is polluted with toxins. Bypassing the L-brain will help you to get rid of the mental and emotional toxins, but you also need to get rid of the physical toxins by cleaning up your diet. It simply means eating living foods, devoid from chemicals. You also need the drink fluids that help to clean up the body with fresh fruit juices and distilled water being the best choices.

A clean body will then allow you to finally connect with who you truly are.

I am also on this journey and have similar challenges as we all have. We can not only learn from each other’s journeys but also support each other along the way, which is much needed in this "world of lies".

I hope this writing may help you to advance further or even start the journey back “home”. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about the subject.

In the meantime, save travels


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