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Optimal Health Solutions use 7 aspects as a foundation. These 7 aspects     

are interwoven like a fine tapestry. This tapestry represents you and the life you have manifested for yourself until this point.


Each aspect has an influence on ALL other aspects. Thus being aware which aspect is draining your energy and causing a downward spiral is key.


My goal is to help you to restore your energy so you can manifest not only Optimal Health but an Optimal Life

If you find yourself struggling to get through the day, then it’s time to find out why.


All disease starts with a lack of energy. When this lack of energy becomes more of a consistent pattern, then life quickly can become an ongoing struggle and you will not only have a hard time making changes but also it will be hard to enjoy and appreciate life.​


Many people are in a chronic state of low energy and unaware of this. No wonder that stimulants like coffee and red bull have become so popular.

Optimal Health Solution uses several tools as to assist you to get to the core root of this low energy, or even disease - state that you may presently experience.


Maybe you’ve already been down the road of traditional medicine, or even spent time crafting your diet and supplement list on your own or even with the help of a nutritionist.

Maybe you’ve tried all these and more, yet you still feel sluggish and can’t summon the energy to do all the wonderful things you once enjoyed.

Your body — like everything in the universe, according to the “new” science of Quantum physics — is based on energy first, and that energy drives all chemical actions.

This energy extends throughout your body and even beyond it, giving you an Energy-Field aka Body-Field. This Body-Field represents the true physical root of who you are.


When this Body-Field continues to be out of balance then it eventually will result in a chemical imbalance, which can be shown through different test that are available. Some examples of tests are adrenal stress test, male or female hormone panel, thyroid tests, regular CBC, Vitamin D test, etc.


Stress, in its many forms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, relationships, environment) is at the root cause of imbalance and if not corrected will be expressed first as a dis-ease (symptom) and eventually a disease. 


At Optimal Health solutions we do work on the biochemical level as to support your Physical Body but the emphasis is on a much deeper level by correcting the distortions in your Energy- Body.


By correcting the distortions detected in your Energy-Body you will be able to correct the imbalance in your Physical Body not only much more efficient but also create lasting change.

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