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The Core Root of Optimal Health in any aspect of your life is determined by the health of your Physical Body as well as the health of your Energy- Body. Your Energy-Body is represented by what is known as your Bio-Field. 


The Physical and Energy-Body body are intertwined like a fine tapestry and when functioning optimally they represent the perfect marriage and will provide great health, inner peace and harmony in the 7 inner and outer aspects. 


Many people are setting goals and take massive action, and still are unable to create what they often desire deep within, and this despite their many efforts. The goal can be a great love relationship, a career they love, optimal health, live in their dream home and location, etc.

We all are truly holistic beings. Holistic meaning that all is interconnected and thus everything has an influence on the whole.


The theory can become quite in depth and complicated, but in simple terms; your inner life has an influence on your outer life and your outer life has an influence on your inner life.

Optimal Health Solutions primary focus is you, as the individual. You the individual, representing the 3 inner aspects and your life representing the 4 outer aspects.

The outer aspects are not only a great mirror of what the inner aspects have manifested so far but at the same time the outer aspects can be used as to assist transforming the inner aspects.

For example. When someone decides to improve their physical health by eating healthier foods, then certain challenges from within may arise as to stay on their path. Some of these challenges can be certain food cravings, mood changes, social pressure from family or friends, etc.


This creates not only an opportunity to look at certain negative behavioral patterns regarding food but can also be an opportunity as to stand more in one’s personal power by setting boundaries for self and others.

This is just one small example of many other opportunities that are present every day as to learn more about oneself and at the same time transform negative behavioral patterns into patterns that will then allow you to manifest that which you do want.


Remember, the things that do not change is because of the choices you are making.

Optimal Health Solutions is here to help you with this process.


Below are the 7 aspects in more detail.


I invite you to explore each aspect as a further introduction

7 aspects pic.jpg

Click on each picture for more info

Body Builder


dec 28th sunrise WB - AKD.jpg


Computer Sketch
Gyan Mudra


Networking Event


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Image by Ahmad Odeh


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Are You Ready to Let Go of Struggle and Ready

  to Manifest Optimal Health & an Optimal Life

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