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Your body is made up of 70 to100 trillion cells, and these cells perform thousands of biochemical functions every day.

Each cell has an energy field. Cells combined form tissues, organs and organ systems. Each of these organs and systems have their own energy field which all have their own unique optimal frequency.


When the organs and organ systems are functioning in their optimal frequency range then the body can do what it is designed to which is manifesting optimal health.


But there are other energy fields that influence the energy fields of the physical body. Your thoughts manifest an energy field, as well as your emotions and the spiritual aspect that you embody, which I call the Soul.


All these fields combined form a larger energy field, which is aka bioenergetic field, aura, Torus field, or biofield. I will call it BIOFIELD from now on and you can see this biofield as being the software, and the physical body being the hardware.   

Your Body-Field transmits information to your cells’ own energy fields about what biochemical functions to perform and in what order - it is the “information-software” that directs your organism’s “energy-hardware”.


When this energy is blocked, the information is also blocked or gets distorted, and your body ceases to function the way it should.

A new science, called Bio-Energetics, is emerging and allows us now to accurately read your body-Field and tune it to engage your body’s self-healing ability, so that your body can more easily return to optimum function and health in a natural and safe way. 

NES Health is the leader in this field, and helps to restore the communication between the cells and thus restoring communication between the tissues, organs and body systems, allowing the body to do what it is designed to do, which is healing itself.


When using NES Health and its infoceuticals, Lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition are much more effective as the cells, tissues, organs and body systems are communicating more effectively. 

We all are truly holistic beings. Holistic meaning that all inner and outer aspects are interconnected and thus everything has an influence on our health and wellbeing.

At Optimal Health solutions we use the 7 aspects as to discover which aspect has the strongest negative influence on not only your physical health but also for you to enjoy life.


The theory can become quite in depth and complicated, but in simple terms; your inner life has an influence on your outer life and your outer life has an influence on your inner life.

At Optimal Health Solutions  our primary focus is you, as the individual. You the individual, representing the 3 inner aspects and your life representing the 4 outer aspects.

The outer aspects are not only a great mirror of what the inner aspects have manifested so far but at the same time the outer aspects can be used as to assist transforming the inner aspects.

For example. When someone decides to improve their physical health by eating healthier foods, then certain challenges from within may arise as to stay on their path. Some of these challenges can be certain food cravings, mood changes, social pressure from family or friends, etc.


This creates not only an opportunity to look at certain negative behavioral patterns regarding food but can also be an opportunity as to stand more in one’s personal power by setting boundaries for self and others.

This is just one small example of many other opportunities that are present every day as to learn more about oneself and at the same time transform negative behavioral patterns into patterns that will then allow you to manifest that which you do want.

A dis-ease / disease (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is always a message. A message that is trying to convey to you that you are going in the wrong direction and thus guiding you as to take the proper action as to correct it.


However, we live in a society where we are not only conditioned to not listen to these inner promptings, but also are bombarded with so called "instant solutions" as to just keep going.


​​​A dis-ease is nothing but a gift from within, as to re-direct you towards honoring the innate wisdom of your body so it can heal itself. ​


Remember, the things that do not change is because of the choices you are making.

Optimal Health Solutions is here to help you in this journey to reclaim your health and vitality.


Below are the 7 aspects in more detail.


I invite you to explore each aspect as a further introduction

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Click on each picture for more info

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