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Hello !

         I’m Kees Verdaasdonk!

I created Optimal Health Solutions initially out of the desire to find better solutions then the "pill for every ill" cure.

Working in healthcare for almost 30 years as a physical therapist, in a wide variety of settings, I continued to witness the ongoing decline that comes with getting older, which raised many questions.


On top of that, I personally experienced how continued stress (dis-ease) creates havoc in your physical body. It was a giant wake-up call and it forced me at the age of 58 to

have a serious look at my life.


I completely burned out physically, mentally and emotionally. Burned out, not only because of my career but a combination of different aspects of my life.


The resulting lack of energy, prevented me to not only to pursue any new endeavor, but it also took all the joy away, as I barely was able to make it through the day. 


This "forced" me to not only to find ways as to heal myself but also as to discover the truth why this had happened for me.


It made me look at the deeper aspects of who I was, and at all the patterns of behavior that caused me to burn out. 

Once I did, I then had to make the choice to transform these outdated patterns of behavior and this is where the real work began. It meant that I had to take different actions, so I could have different outcomes.

I had to transform all the patterns that caused dis-ease into patterns that causes ease. 

The innate wisdom of your body is designed as to manifest not only Optimal  Health but also to manifest an Optimal Life.

The only thing you have to do is to allow for this to happen.  

I fell "asleep at the wheel" and "crashed" and thus was "forced" to wake up, but you don’t have to let it go that far.


We all are very unique in who we are as a Man or Woman and this comes with our own unique journey.


However, at the core we are all the same. Same vehicle, different journey.

About Optimal Health Solutions          


Optimal Health Solutions uses 7 aspects that combined are responsible for not only achieving Optimal Health but also an Optimal Life.

Optimal Physical Health is the cumulative result of how well you are doing in all these 7 aspects. These 7 aspects combined not only manifest the health and life you have but even more how you experience that life.  

The 7 aspects are “divided” into 4 external aspects and 3 internal aspects ​


The 4 external aspects are your Physical Body, Relationship(s), Career and Environment, and the 3 internal aspects are your spiritual, emotional and mental aspects.


The  4 external aspects are considered the manifestation aspects and the result of all the choices (conscious or unconscious) that you have made so far. 


The 3 internal aspects are not only responsible for creating your identity, but also are the driving forces of what you eventually, not only manifest in your external aspects, but also how you experience your life and the world as a whole.


Your identity is created by the Ego-self and is also known as the False Self, as it is based primarily based on fear and not love. The journey is to transform this False Self into our True Self, so we can step out of a life of enslavement into a life a freedom.


When we are full of energy then we can handle life, and anything that comes our way, much better. It is when we are lacking energy and when the body starts to “fail” that life often becomes more of a struggle.

In our society we label this “failing” as disease and then give this disease a name, a diagnosis. However, for the majority this diagnosis is just a label, and the root causes are rarely addressed.

The core root of many diseases start with a dis-ease. All dis-ease is stored in what is known as the "pain-body". Any dis-ease that is not addressed, eventually becomes what is known as a symptom.


We, as a society, have learned to ignore and mask these dis-eases/symptoms and many people are and will continue to pay a hefty toll (chronic disease, feeling stuck and inability to enjoy life).


We live in a society of mass deception, which occurs on all levels. Our "health care" system is just one of the "systems" of how they are deceiving us and leading us away of health and deeper into disease.

the journey starts WITHIN - if you DO NOT know this then you are lost = a lost sheep.jpg
tel- a vison.jpg
EGO = like a tapeworm = it wants what it wants when it wants it= cravings.jpg
who owns the central bancks.jpg
alkaline or acid lifestyle and the consquences.jpg
Real and Fake Food= your choice = Life or Death.jpg

A dis-ease / disease (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is always a message. A message that is trying to convey to you that you are going in the wrong direction and thus guiding you as to take the proper action as to correct it.


However, we live in a society where we are not only conditioned to not listen to these inner promptings, but also are bombarded with so called "instant solutions" as to just keep going.


​​A dis-ease is nothing but a gift from within, as to re-direct you towards honoring the innate wisdom of your body so it can heal itself. ​


There is only one person that has the power to heal and transform not only your physical health but your life. That person is YOU.

Yes, others can guide and help you but at the critical points, when real changes are needed, you are the only one that can make the choice that is standing in front of you. This is not only related to your Physical Health but to ALL aspects of your life.


Remember: the things that do not change in your life is because of the choices you are making. 


Legal Notice

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