Optimal Health allows people to live an Optimal Life at any ageAn Optimal Life meaning that you can live the life that you desire, which varies from person to person.

However, what I learned throughout my 30+ years working as a Physical Therapist is that people’s greatest fear is not only that they are unable to do the things they want to do (like playing golf, travel, volunteer, play with their grandkids, etc.) but that they end up losing their independence.

This often starts with that they are not allowed to drive anymore and thus they lose a big part of their freedom. They then become more dependent on others which can be very traumatic. On top of that many do not have the caregivers (family/friends/paid) as to assist them with their daily activities and needs.

This then often leads to being less active resulting in a gradual decline in functional strength and mobility which then eventually leads to an increased risk for falls and injury.

If one is “lucky” and no severe injury occurs, like a fractured hip, but if the reason of why the fall occurred in the first place is never addressed, then the chance is high that the person becomes an even higher fall risk.

Some “solutions” that the person often implements is too become even more inactive. The result is that at a certain point, they are not safe in their own home and may even need 24/7 care.


Many cannot afford this, and thus they end up in an assisted living facility or even a nursing home.

Of course, prevention is the answer and the sooner the better.

Optimal Health Solutions provides Integrative Physical Therapy. This means that we look at ALL 7 aspects and identify what needs to be addressed in each of these aspects as to optimize a person health, functional mobility, functional strength, and thus allowing them optimal independence so they can live an Optimal Life.


So if You, your Loved One or Aging Parent

  • Want to continue living in your / their own home

  • Are becoming more sedentary and are motivated as to reverse this

  • Are looking for solutions to reduce the risk for falls and maximize your / their safety in / and around the home

  • Want to prevent becoming sedentary, optimize your / their health, and continue to live an Optimal Life no matter what age

Then I invite you to contact us.

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