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The 6-Phase Healing Journey

From Disease to Dis-ease to Ease

You should only be consuming foods in its wholistic state, and that which bears seeds are the OPTIMUM source of fuel. 

                                                                                                Josh X

Our society is extremely toxic. Some examples are toxic foods/air/water, supermarkets full of non-food, lifestyle stress, electronics, etc. All this causes the body to become more and more acidic.


An acidic body is a dying body, and thus it is important that we become more alkaline. The first step you must take is to get your food right.


There is much deception in today's world regarding not only what food is healthy, but what truly is food.


The truth is that all that is promoted and advertised, whether this through government agencies, large corporations, associations, etc. are steering you all in the wrong direction.


Most of the products in the stores are not food at all, and most of this non-food is highly toxic.






The main cause of disease, and eventually death, is for a large part caused by toxicity. This even more so in the so-called wealthy countries.

This 6-phase healing journey is designed as for you to become free from dis-ease, so that the journey that you came here to do on earth is not slowed down by the physical pain body that we experience when we are consuming improper foods for our bodies.

Whether you have Chronic illness such as Cancer, Leukemia, aids, herpes, or IBS, chronic fatigue, skin issues, obesity, brain fog, seizures, heavy metal toxicity, poisoning, diabetes, arthritic joints, etc…….in our “healthcare” industry you will be offered a treatment, which in most cases adds even more to the toxicity within your system. This will push you more into disease and often shortening your lifespan even further.

This because there is no nutrition wisdom (gnosis) in a doctor trained by the “system” and thus you will rarely be advised to change your diet 1st.

If something regarding diet is recommended then it will be the standard western diet format, which is far from what the body needs, and it will not provide your body with the correct fuel for your system.






What you consume becomes you, as food are the building blocks. You will have junk DNA with junk food and live living DNA with living food.


So, making the choice as to do this transition of the food that you consume is vital as it will bring you not only new vitality but also a new outlook on life, as a healthy body is required for a health mind.


By doing this 6-Phase Healing Journey, you will with each phase, experience a deeper cleansing and thus healing transformation. This will bring in you a knowing, rather than a be-lie-f.

Only by doing it, by experiencing it, will it become a true knowing (wisdom), and then nothing will be able to sway you.

This Journey contains 6 phases, and each phase is an opportunity as to bring more ease within Body and Mind.


The goal is to work through phase 1 to 6 and then back to wherever phase you choose to stay within your newly acquired sense of ease and level of vibration at that time.


This 6-phase program will assist you to reset many systems in your body like your nervous system and immune system.


Any dis-ease that may remain in the mind-body connection is being created by extreme thinking/beliefs, and this is further addressed in the Mind-Body aspect.

The 6-phase journey program is meant to be a journey that we do together, as we all require each other’s support and acquired wisdom as to go through this transformation and thus this program is done in a group coaching format.


There will be LIVE Q&A's as well as a Telegram group so that you can share and connect with others that are also on this journey. This will help you to stay strong and stay on the path.

This journey is done 4 x per year and start 6 weeks prior to the change of each season. 


                                                     Here are the 6 Phases......................


                                                     Phase 1: Stop consuming Non-Food


                                                     Phase 2: Intermittent Fasting


                                                     Phase 3: Raw Living Foods Only


                                                     Phase 4: Raw Living Fruits Only


                                                     Phase 5: Raw Living Fruit Juices Only


                                                     Phase 6: Water Fast






Remember, this is YOUR journey and only YOU can choose to walk this walk, but we are here to help you and support each other as a community.

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