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       "You are meant to do what you love to do"

               and what you love to do is what your soul intended for you to do !


The work you do should have meaning for you and provide you with a sense of inner-fulfillment and joy.

Our career is often related to "how we make a living".  The first question you need to ask yourself is, "Do I love or at least like what I am doing?


A career is often paved with learning opportunities, which may become the steppingstones towards something better.


Some of you may have found their ideal job / career almost right away and others may float from one job to the next, and unknowingly acquiring the skills needed, that eventually leads them to their perfect career and passion.


Some are more driven by a career that brings them money and/or status and may eventually discover that this is not as fulfilling as they initially envisioned. Then there is a group that hate their job, they feel stuck.


Low wages, responsibilities, minimal to no education has gotten many people to a point of barely making it. Many end up in survival mode and keeps them often emotionally and mentally frozen and unable to undertake anything different.

Of course, the above is not always as black and white and many variables exist.


However, fear in whatever form is always the negative driving force as to not change. Optimal Health Solutions is here to assist you as to discover what is holding you back to step into a career you love, a career that you can be passionate about and which allows you to thrive.

Nevertheless, many stay in a job for a lifetime despite "spirit" urging them to move on. 

Your career, and especially the people you encounter day by day, provide you with powerful opportunities for inner growth. Unless you are aware of these many hidden lessons, you may end up feeling stuck and full of resentment and unable to move forward at all. This will not only affect your career but may eventually also affect the quality of your relationship(s), finances, and most of all your physical health, which then again affects everything else.


Family obligations, job security, the desire for power and/or money, fear of failure, lack of energy aka burnout, are just a few examples why you eventually could get stuck in a career that is not bringing you the joy and fulfillment that your inner self so deeply desires.

Yes, by society norms you may be "successful", and even be the envy of many, but inside, many aspects of how an abundant life should feel for you, are missing.

We live in a society where abundance is measured in money. But how about being feeling abundant through the inner fulfillment by the work you do. The feeling of inner peace, joy, working with people that uplift you, and honor and respect each other for the role that each play no matter what position.


​We all have a unique purpose of being on this planet and your inner Self will always direct you back to fulfilling this purpose. Your career is often a big part of how you fulfill this purpose. The evidence that you are on the right path is often an inner drive that compels you to keep going forward, no matter what challenge might temporarily stand in your way.

Many people are stuck in survival mode for a variety of reasons and are just "happy" as to get through the day as their life force is being depleted more and more each and every day.


​We all must learn a wide variety of unique lessons before we become the masters of our life. It is often through your own personal journey, that you acquire the tools and the wisdom, as to not only fulfill your life's mission, but also are able to manifest your heaven on earth.

Your career should not define who you are but who you are at your core should define your career. It is only then that the abundance in its many forms can and will be provided to you. Being of service, co-operation and equality should be at the foundation of it all.

We at Optimal Health Solutions are here to assist you in achieving that, and how you, step by step, can create a life of abundance in all areas of life, no matter where you are now.

Image by Mathew Schwartz

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