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What are cells salts. Cells salts are tissue builders. The cell salts are found in all living foods, and when properly digested and assimilated are carried into the blood, which then nourishes the body and spirit.


The problems occurs if assimilation of food is hindered by for example poor digestion, liver issues, toxic foods, and other stressors in all its forms.


When our reserves are depleted, it is reflected as dis-eases & diseases and it is also reflected in the face. We can use the cell salts as to start replenishing our reserves.


Food and drink taken into the stomach and the air breathed into the lungs furnish all the materials of which the body is composed, as long as the body is functioning the way it is designed to function.


The cell salts are a vital portion of the body, aka the workers / the builders, as they build the cells of the body. When a deficiency occurs in any of these salts, these workers, then dis-ease /disease occurs. Health and strength can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied by these cell salts. 


Poisons (medications, etc.) of whatever name or nature, do not and cannot supply any deficiencies and cure disease for the simple reason that poisons are not constituent parts of the human organism.

The body is a self-curing organism, and it will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its own substance.


The blood supplies the materials necessary for forming every tissue and fluid in the body and for carrying forward every process.

Food does not form the blood, but through proper digestion and assimilation provides the mineral base by setting free the cell-salts contained in the food.


These cells salt combined with the breath (air = ether = spirit) forms the blood.

The Chrism oil (see "Raising the Chrism Oil" section) determines your vibration and with that the health/purity of the blood. The Higher your vibration, the healthier your blood and thus the healthier you are in your Physical and Metaphysical body, as they are interconnected, they function as ONE.



The bible even states “for the life of the flesh is in the blood- for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”. The word atonement means at-one-ment (at one mind) or harmony.

It is only when the blood is chemically perfect that the full quota of Spirit (Higher Self) aka God-Power can enter the body as like attracts like.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius aka the Age of the Son of Man, and the journey is to let go of the lower animal nature and to rise up and to become truly humane.


As a human race we have fallen to the level, that the Ego is ruling our lives, and many are not aware of this.

In this New Age of Aquarius, we will need perfect bodies that correspond with the Higher vibration of the new blood for “old bottles (bodies) cannot contain the new wine (blood)”

Thus, these cell salts, aka biochemical salts, are required as to create chemically perfect blood, manifest health in Body, Mind & Spirit. This chemically perfect blood is also known as the wine of life, or the blood of Christ.


Giving so called “serums” as is done in our so-called healthcare industry is not a logical Rx as the body makes its own serums, providing that the needed cell salts are available.


When there is an imbalance in the chemical elements of the blood then it will lead to dis-ease, and if not corrected, eventually to cell starvation.


Cells can only do their function in an alkaline environment. However, to achieve this is easier said than done in a society that is designed to promote dis-ease and disease.


Cancer for example, is nothing but hyper-acidity. This Hyper-acidity is suffocating the cells, so they are unable to function. The cells will reproduce at an alarming rate in the hope to survive but this will never be possible if the environment they live in is hyper-acidic. 







An acidic body is the road from ease to dis-ease, to disease and finally death.


When the materials (cells salts) are deficient then perfect physical health is impossible and also Spirit manifests imperfectly. Jesus was also known as the alkaline man.


Cell salts are tissue builders and by correcting the deficiencies, the cells (tissues and organs) can then regenerate as they are designed to do. The “only” thing we all have to do, is allowing the cells to do so.


The chemical union of these bio-salts with the organic matter such as lipids, fibrin, albumin etc., forms the various tissues of the body and allows the cells to respond more harmoniously and completely to the divine energy.


Supplementing cell salts that you are deficient in is important, while at the same time for you take the action, as to correct the issues no matter if this is physical, mental/emotional/spiritual.  


A proper balance of these cell salts is the foundation as to keep the rate of vibration in the vibrational tone of ease/harmony, which equals health. This will allow optimal functioning of ALL cells, as harmony in the blood= Harmony in Body/Mind/Spirit.


Therefore, a perfect supply of the right chemical elements is vital as to attain perfect cells, a perfect brain, perfect thought, perfect acts, perfection – A God-Man.

Our Solar Plexus represents who we are as a SON (SUN) of GOD, and it is here where the “power of God”/Electricity gets distributed throughout the body. It is also in the Solar plexus that the spiritual seed is born, which represent us as “baby Jesus”.                           


The solar plexus has 12 divisions, and each division allocates with one of the zodiac signs and hence a certain part of the body.


There are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac sign also correspond to a specific cell salt. A deficiency in a specific cell salt will have a negative influence on the proper functioning of the related part of the body.


There are many connections between cell salts, astrology, spirituality, physical, mental and emotional health. Each astrology sign has a power chakra and each chakra has its specific gland. For example, Aries is related to the Solar Plexus and the pancreas. Each astrology sign also refers to certain body parts. Aries relates to head, face, brain and the eyes.         


The cell salt of your Sun Sign will always be consumed much quicker than any other salt and thus a deficiency in the cell salt for in this example Aries will occur more rapidly than a non-Aries.


The Solar plexus will always be deficient in power until the Cerebrum (Aries) and Cerebellum (Taurus) are perfected, and until this perfection is achieved, it will have a negative effect on the health of Body-Mind and Spirit.


The deficiency in the Solar plexus, is especially reflected in the intestinal tract but it affects ALL organs.


E-motions, aka the thieves, robs the Solar Plexus from energy and thus from the proper functioning of the organs/body and thus leading to a decline in health. 



                                      THE ZODIAC AND THE CELL SALTS


                                                   THE BRIDGE OF LIFE

The cell salts are the foundation as to build the bridge between our earthly self and Heavenly Self aka the lower animal self and the Higher Divine Self.


Our physical body is the bridge, the vehicle that will allow us to ascend and thus our physical body is the real church of God.


By building this bridge we are then able to ascend into the heavens and step of the wheel of re-incarnation.


The journey is through the chakra’s = allowing the Son of Man, = each (wo)man, to rise up and go home (= ascension).


It is to stop living from the Lower 3 chakras. The foundation is living a virtuous life and consuming proper nutrition is vital, as a dis-eased body is unable to hold the vibration needed as for the kundalini to rise up.


The statement that “man is conceived in sin and bought forth in iniquity” has a three folded meaning: chemical, physiological, and astrological.  


According to George Carey in his book ‘GOD-MAN The word made flesh’, the real meaning of this statement is that the human embryo remains nine months within the female reproductive system. During these nine months of gestation the embryo receives and appropriates the creative energies of nine of these salts.


Thus, falling short three months of completing a solar or ‘soul’ year. The three-month space is the bridge of life and consists of a mineral base foundation. 


As twelve (12 apostles, 12 months) represents the circle and stands for completion, the human body will always be missing (stones in the temple) cell salts because its period of formation in the womb is only nine months.  


Twelve months (12 salts) minus the nine months gestation (9 salts) leaves us with a 90°quadrant of three months where the cellular biosynthesis of these minerals was unable to manifest.


These three salts according to Carey are to be supplied after the parting of the umbilical cord. By the way, the umbilical cord should stay attached for at least a few minutes after birth as it still provides the newborn with many nutrients. Cutting the cord as fast as done in our medical system does not allow the newborn to optimize its resistance.








Next are some examples of astrology charts and missing cell salts.

The cell salt corresponding with the sun sign of your chart and related function of the body is consumed more rapidly than all the other salts and therefore requiring an extra amount as to supply the deficiency caused by the suns influence at that time.
















































Also, many are not born at the beginning or the middle of the sun sign, that they are in.

I give myself as an example. I am born January the 8th.and. Capricorn start dec 22nd and thus I was still in the womb 17 days while in the Sign of Capricorn and thus I received 65% of the creative energies of the cells salt related to Capricorn.


Despite it being my sun sign, I am only deficient 35% and will not need as much of this cell salt then if I would have been born in the beginning of the sign in Capricorn.


Because I was born midway the sign of Capricorn, I need to supplement with at least 4 cell salts; 35% the cell salt for Capricorn (but is also my sun sign and thus consumes the salt more rapidly), 100% of Aquarius, 100% of Pisces and 65% of Aries.

Also, when someone is under emotional stress, then they will use up more of the cell salts associated with their Moon sign and south Node of the moon.


When these minerals are depleted, common symptoms experienced may be anxiety, panic attacks and depression, as the moon represents emotion/feelings.

For example: I have my moon in Taurus. On top of that my whole chart is ruled by the moon and thus supplementing with the cell salt for Taurus is important, especially when under more (emotional) stress.

Knowing your moon and how it affects you and then supplementing with the needed cell salt will strengthen your moon and help restore balance.

You can have a free basic birth chart made at this link:

By understanding some of the vital signs and symptoms of mineral deficiencies and knowing your planetary positions of the Sun and Moon, you will be able to identify which cell salts you need as to restore optimal health and cellular function.

The greatest value is to use it as a supplemental foundation while working on any issue (is-you) that hinders manifesting the perfect blood and thus manifest ease and harmony in Body, Mind and Spirit.


The blood is the sea which nourishes you, so you can complete the journey back home = ascension.

The more perfect the blood, the higher the vibration which means more harmony and thus allowing you also to have a better connection with your Higher Self during your time of “meditation”.


By following the guidance provided to you by you, life will be one of less struggles, not only physically but in Body-Mind and Spirit, as all is one.

We are all on a spiritual journey. The Soul (human) longs for regeneration and immortal union with the Higher Self in the causal body = where the 2 selves become one = ascension.









The cell salts are non-toxic, 100% safe and can be used on all ages. Schuessler Cell salts (Tissue Salts) do contain a small amount of lactose so be mindful to purchase a Tissue salt spray if you are lactose intolerant.

For much more info please visit: Cell / Tissue Salts | Universal Truth School

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