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E-motion is energy in motion. The question becomes is this energy in motion flowing in the direction of your dreams or continues it to manifest all that you do not want.


Emotion for many is largely responsible for wasting a lot of energy and eventually draining peoples life force. No wonder that coffee, red bull and other stimulants are so popular as to keep us going.


All experiences are stored in the body. Based on these experiences we create certain beliefs. A negative belief is created when the experience was labeled as negative /traumatic. The stronger this belief, the stronger the emotional load and the stronger the Re-Action when that belief is being triggered.

This re-action will then activate a behavior pattern, and many people are not aware of these automated patterns as many of these behaviors have become a part of their identity. These behavior patterns are created by you as to stop having to feel the pain that is triggered in the pain body. This pain is not a real pain but a perceived pain, aka trauma or emotional wound, which is based on an event in your past.


No matter if an emotion is labeled positive or negative, the emotion can lead you away from achieving that which you desire.

The behavior to stop the pain can be eating certain foods or even certain quantities, aka stuffing your feelings away. It may be a behavior to put someone down, so you feel better about yourself. It may be to avoid asking for a raise, to avoid setting boundaries at work or in a relationship, or in the worst-case scenario it may be a severe addiction like the use of heroin or narcotics, which unfortunately seems to be rampant in our society at the present moment.


The patterns as to silence the "pain body" are endless and unique to you as you have created these patterns of behavior, and these patterns have become part of your identity, your persona. 

Unless you become aware of how unconscious triggers cause certain patterns of behaviors which then create certain outcomes in your life, then you will most likely continue to manifest the same outcomes.


An unconscious (unaware, unawake) choice is still a choice.  

Heaven , hell, consciousness, choice,

As you know, I created Optimal Health Solutions through the "School of Hard Knox". I was unaware of my negative habits and behaviors and it all had to come to the point that I had to crash and burn several times and come to such a point of energy depletion that I had “no choice” but to figure out how why I ended up this way.


My severe lack of energy not only caused a decline in my health, but it also sucked all the joy out of my life as I had no energy to pursue anything.


The blessing is that I am now able to help others to prevent this and also to help those that made the same mistake that I did. 

Chained Door

Are You ready to let the Old behind and

open the door to a new Life ! ............                              

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