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Your Home

The home you live in is a representation of who you are, and therefore can provide you with some valuable information (like a mirror) of what might be going on inside of you. 

Your home is the expression of who you are, as well as all the people that live in the same home with you, and thus can be a great mirror, and providing more insight in the deeper aspects of those who reside there.


Each home is as unique as the people that live in it. They all tell a story and at times in ways that can make you be in awe of how spirit is finding ways as to make us aware of parts that are in need to be looked at.

Your home should be the place where you can recharge, before you go back into the world. A place where you surround yourself by the things and people that you love and that have meaning to you. and also where you feel safe, and at peace. 

A home that is full of clutter, dirty, not taking care of, tells a different story of the people that live there then a home that is well taken care of. Does the clutter in the home represent how cluttered they feel on the inside, whether this is mental, emotional and /or spiritual?


When your home is dirty and not taken care of how well do you take care of yourself. Are you taking time for yourself, are you setting healthy boundaries and are you taking action based on self-love and self-worth?


Are you taking care of your internal environment by eating good nutrition, and are you taking care of your physical body through exercise and proper hygiene.

How does the energy feel in your home? Is it inviting, does it feel like home, does it uplift your spirit when you come home? Are there any resemblances in how you feel on the inside and not only in what "shape" your home is but also how you experience your home?

​The Art of Feng Shui is based on how the external environment has an impact on the people that reside in that environment. It is utilized much more in the eastern part of our world then here in the western part of "civilization”. ​

Clutter, dust, an unclean home are just a few examples where low vibrational energies feel at home. These lower vibrational energies can keep your energy down and a vicious circle of negativity can become the theme of your life.

The colors in your home, the pictures you have on the wall, the things you collect, are all telling something about you, and thus your home becomes a storybook of who you are at a level that you may not be aware of.​

Even your car is a representation of who you are, especially for those who use their car a lot for work, travel, etc. 

I hope you start to become more aware how your external environment, whether this is your home, your car, the things you own, are all part of the story that is you.


This can not only be a fun thing as to be aware off but also an extra tool as to see what first step you can take as to transform a negative pattern that you do not want in your life anymore.

Everything you encounter in life will affect your vibration and vice versa. Even more so in those places where you spent the majority of your time.

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The environment we live in has a big impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The environment on a grant scale is represented by Planet Earth.


We all know how many challenges there are, as to prevent that humanity will destroy the planet that we call home. Pollution on many levels (air, water, soil) is threatening our survival. Cutting down of the rain forest, so we can continue to consume products, spraying of harsh chemicals that are polluting our soil, water and food, are just a few examples of how we are destroying the foundation that provides us life.

Eating chemical loaded food, inhaling polluted air and drinking contaminated water is also destroying our inner environment, our physical health. On top of that, in our society the main "cure" for restoring health is taking even more toxins (medications).


The majority of the homes that people live in are often the most toxic environments. This because of the toxic products that are used (cleaning supplies, chemical treated carpets/woods/furniture) and many people are totally unaware of this.

As always, the first step is awareness and allowing yourself to be educated so you can make more informed choices. 

When we hear the word environment, the first thing that might come to mind is global warming, pollution, and in general the state the planet is in. But there are many more meanings of the word environment.

For instance, you have your internal environment which represents not only all the cells that make up your body, organs, etc. but also the trillions of micro-organisms that combined forms an incredible eco-system, known as the "biome". 


The emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are also part of your internal environment. In truth, all the 7 aspects can be traced back to "environment".

The internal aspects flow over into the external and vice versa and is affecting each other constantly whether we are aware of it or not. It’s all one system, that is you.

The external environment we focus on in this "environment aspect" are the physical spaces you live in, and how these spaces affect you (including the people that you share this environment with).

These environments are your physical home, the place you work, the city/area /country you live in, and finally the world/planet as a whole.




Your Work Environment

Your work environment encompasses not only the physical space you work in but also the people you work with and encounter every day.


The work you do has a lot to do with who you are or at least it should. Your work should have meaning for you and provide you with a sense of excitement and a feeling that you are meant to do this.


Some stay in a job for a lifetime despite "spirit" urging them to move on. Just bringing up the subject of "how one makes a living" can already give you a glance of how this may be affecting all the other aspects.


All of you have unique skills, that if discovered and applied can enhance your life beyond your dreams. ​

When looking at the physical space that you work this a space you can thrive in, or is this a place you feel like a trapped animal. Literally like working in a a cubicle or figuratively as "is this it" kind of job.


Are you someone who thrives when working mostly in your own space or are you at your best when having a lot of people around you? ​Some people are very sensitive to all the different frequencies being omitted in an office environment full of computers, artificial light and require an environment that more closely resembles mother Nature. 

So, first step is to find out what works for you and secondly to know that it is possible for you to change your work environment in a way that allows you to thrive.


Your "work" is often a big part of how you are not only able to express yourself into the world but also how you are of service. You may find this a far fetch ideology based on where you may find yourself at the present moment.

Life is a step by step journey that brings you opportunities for inner growth, that allow you to enhance your life. By increasing your awareness, you acquire new found wisdom. Through applying this wisdom you will learn that you do have the power of choice, as to make the necessary changes that will allow you to create the life you desire.


Optimal Health Solutions is here to guide you along that journey, one step at a time.


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Planet Earth

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The state planet Earth is in, is nothing but a mirror of the people that live on it.


The outer pollution is directly correlated to the pollution that is going on within us.


Humanity is polluting and destroying mother earth the same way as many are doing to their own inner environment, their bodies. 


The inner pollution of anger, shame, guilt, greed, control, victim- and poverty consciousness as well as the inner pollution by using poor quality foods and other products, are not only showing us how we are disconnected but also a mirror of a the lack of self-love and self-worth many embody within themselves. 

Humanity, as a whole, has to become more aware of how the mass production and consumption of material goods is robbing the planet from its resources.


We all have to become aware how we are preventing Mother Earth from sustaining life for its inhabitants. Not only by cutting down the rain forest but also by all the toxins that we dispose of as a result of our mass consumption.


We cannot continue to rob and pollute planet earth at the rate that we are doing and we cannot continue to ignore doing the same to our own inner nature.

How much stuff do you really need? We all have to take a serious look at how we can again honor Mother Earth and at the same time enrich our personal life and that of others. It is a new time of co-operation, co-creation instead of competition and greed. 

The war’s on this planet is nothing but a mirror of the war that humanity as a collective are waging within their own being.


The war of the sexes is nothing but a war, a disconnect, between the male and female aspects that we all embody.


The poverty is a mirror of the poverty consciousness that the majority have accepted as truth and continue to be "proven correct" by the few that control most of the money and resources on this planet.


It is time for the world to wake up and rise up to their Divine potential, the same as Mother Earth is rising up herself.

Planet Earth is our Magnetic Mother and she will continue to rise up even if we do not. Planet Earth is God's creation for his Divine children, and its up to us of we make our home Heaven or Hell.  

The Area You Live in

With area, I mean several things. First, in which part of the world do you live, what Country. Second, which part of the country.


Do you live in the city, what size, or do you live in a more rural area? In what kind of neighborhood do you live. Is it considered low, middle or upper class?


As you can see the variables are numerous and they all affect your energy field and with that your personal vibrational field, your Quantum field. ​

No matter where you live, one of the best areas to recharge yourself is Mother Nature.


In our modern society, fast paced and ruled by the newest electronic gadgets, we tend to take less and less time out for ourselves.


The time-out that many take are spend in front of the Tel-a-vision, computer or “smart”-phone. The electronics in your life are not only disrupting your personal electromagnetic filed, and with that your health, but even more so it keeps you often away from your true nature as well. Mother Nature is much more interconnected than you can ever imagine.

Not everybody is meant to live in "the middle of nowhere", as we all have unique missions and yours might be as to be of service in whatever capacity in a city environment. Just be aware and take care of your inner environment and listen to the messages that your intuition will provide you as to keep you balanced, so that you can be the best you can be, in any circumstance.

No matter where you live, you can honor Mother Earth and with that yourself as it is all interconnected.

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         Are you ready to manifest Your Best Life Ever !

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