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It is funny that in this day and age, many need to GO and exercise, while in the past people's daily lives provided all the exercise they needed. Not only did it provide all the exercise, but it was also done in a great environment called Mother Nature. 

Especially the farmers were aligned with not only the rhythm of Mother Nature, through working with the seasons, but they were also outdoors breathing in fresh air and receiving the Sun's blessings.


I remember growing up in the 70's and that we walked and biked everywhere, and played outside all the time, no matter what season. In the summer we swam in the lakes, played in the woods, picked berries at the farmer in the morning and go swimming in the afternoon, and in the winter, we skated on the ice, and played in the snow. It was only in the winter when it was rainy and cold that we were stuck inside. With only 3 stations, TV was limited.  


In today's world many spend time in front of the TV, and even more behind the computer and their cell phones, and for some it's almost 24/7. With people's busy schedule and all these electronic gadgets, there hardly seem to be time to be PRESENT.

We have lost the connection with our own internal clock aka our biorhythm and are living life based on the external clock and the "to do list", that for many seems to be never-ending.


Many have lost the balance between work and play, which is vital if you want to thrive. Thriving means harmony in Body, Mind & Spirit. It means inner and outer peace and can only be achieved when we live an "alkaline" lifestyle. To do this, you have to be aware first and then you can start making real Choices instead of continuing the automated hamster-wheel habits and behaviors. 


Exercise is part of this Lifestyle. Exercise is meant to keep the physical body healthy, so we are not only able to complete the inner journey but also able to enjoy life to the fullest. 


There are many types of exercise, but my recommendation is to 1) do what you love/enjoy 2) do not chronically over-exert your body as then it becomes more of a physical punishment, and you become prone to damaging the physical body. 3) Leave the Ego at home when you exercise and stay in the present moment = enjoy.  4) Spend as much time in Mother Nature as you can.


When the body is acidic you will be prone to injuries and wear and tear, and at the same time having a decreased ability to heal. It does not matter if it is acute or chronic injurie. The "pill for every ill cure" will only mask the symptom, while the destruction continues in the background.


If you have any questions regarding exercise or any other subject on this website, then let us know.

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