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          The Ultimate Transformational Journey


If so far you are unable to achieve that which you desire, no matter if this is wanting to loose weight, increase your vitality, improve your physical health, your relationships, your career or your life as a whole, then this program will provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

The 3 inner aspects are key as to achieve any lasting change in the 4 outer aspects.

In this Ultimate Transformational program you will not only be able to make dramatic changes in the aspects that presently are not manifesting the outcomes you desire, but you will have the knowledge and tools that you can use for the rest of your life.  

We will delve into each aspect in great detail, show the interconnection to all the other aspects, and provide you with the tools as to make the changes required. 

This is a 3 or 9 month program and done as a group, which is very powerful.

The power of a group is that others may have gone through a journey in one aspect of their life that can be a great mirror for those that are just at the doorstep of entering that journey.


It not only provides you with aha moments and new insights but also gives hope and encouragement as to keep going despite the inner and outer challenges that may come on your way.


We all need support and a safe environment as to allow this inner and outer transformation to occur, no matter if the goal is better physical health, better relationships, a career that you love, inner peace, you name it. 

The foundation of life and being able to make changes so you can reach your goals is ENERGY. 

Only with sufficient and free flowing energy can your body heal itself and are you able to stay on course to achieve your goals.

The difference between change and transformation is that change is temporary and transformation is lasting

The 7 aspects and the NES Health Bioenergetic scan are used as a foundation as to get started.


Each group is limited to 12 people.

If you are ready to make lasting changes, then book a free 30 minute discovery call as to see how I can assist you achieving your goals.


                          Please click the link below as to book an appointment.

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