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                          Without Breath There Is No Life

If our lungs were to be spread out they would cover a surface area of approx. 750 sq ft.

The Air is drawn in to our lungs by the Diaphragm, which is as automatic as our heart.

Air is Ether which is the Vital Life Force that we all require not only to sustain life but also to regenerate our body, Mind and Spirit, so that we can experience not only Optimal Health but an Optimal Life. 

You know now that consuming Living Foods is key for manifesting Optimal Health. The 7-7-7 journey and the 5 Phase Healing Journey helps with the transformation. Poor assimilated food means a poorly nourished body.

Your breath is another key element for nourishing the body, so lets explore this further.


                   Nostril Vs. Mouth Breathing



Our respiratory system is designed in a way that we have the choice as to breathe through our nose or our mouth, but there is a difference as one will bring health and vitality, and the other will bring weakness and disease.

If we have young children we should try to teach them to breathe through the nostrils by closing the lips and allowing the breath to flow naturally. When they sleep, tilt the head forward which will close the lips and make the nostril breathing natural. This will help to regenerate the body, and create balance.

Our respiratory system has a protective filtering system in the nostrils...

If we breathe through the mouth there is no protection from mouth to lungs to filter the air...

Also mouth breathing brings cold air to the organs and causes inflammation to your respiratory system and injury over time...

The nostrils are two narrowing channels that create a spiraling effect, and has an incredible amount of small strong hairs to filter, catch and clean the air of its impurities. These impurities are pushed back out when we exhale.

Not only is this of grand importance but they create a warming of the air that is being taken into your system. This happens by the layer of mucous membrane that lines the inner channel of the nose, bringing warm air to the throat and precious lungs, doing no damage, and this is the correct breathing for our body. Any foreign object that does not belong in our system, we sneeze it away and protecting our inner environment.

I'm sure we have all fallen asleep with an open mouth and wake with a sore dry throat....

If we look at the animal kingdom, we can see that no animals will ever sleep with a mouth open...

It is a habit created through modern mans modern systems and the lack of nurturing themselves in mother nature.

The nose breathing is an important filtration system as distillation is for your water, and as your mouth is for chewing....

We should no more breathe through our mouths, as much as we would try to consume food through our nose...

If one breathes through the nose, then one is not likely to be troubled with blocked channels as the person is who is a mouth breather.


One is to sniff lightly with water on a spoon and allow it to trickle through the nostrils into the mouth and you then can spit it out.

Two, immerse your face in water and slightly pull air in via the throat to draw in water through the nose and then spit out , but this takes some function and practice..

So if you want to try, start with the first option.

A slight bicarb/salt solution may be added.

Half teaspoon in 200 ml of each..

Then collected in the spoon and sniffed.

Three there is also another way without water, go outside or open your window, close one nostril with your thumb and close the mouth...

Take a deep strong inhale and exhale, do this on the other nostril and repeat this several times, You will find this will clear obstructions from the passages..

If there is a build-up of mucus, then you can apply coconut oil and rub in the nostril and try the above breathing method or sniff up a small witch Hazel extract. Doing this for when getting up and in the evening for 3 days and then once every so often...

This is a very important foundation as to progress your breathing mastery down the road and become a master in the lost art of breathing. So, please become familiar with this and practice every day until you are breathing this way.



                    The 4 Methods Of Respiration

When we hear the word respiration, what are we aware of  in terms of the wholistic function and its cap-abilities...

The whole mechanics of the respiratory system is based on the elasticity movements of our lungs and the bottom and sides of the Thoracic Cavity in which the lungs are contained.

The thorax is the trunk between the neck and abdomen and the cavity is mainly where the heart and lungs sit. It is joined together by the spine, ribs, connective tissue, breastbone and below THE DIAPHRAGM



We have 12 ribs on each side. There are 7 "true ribs" that are joined to the breastbone directly and the Lower 5 are floating ribs called "false ribs", of which the top 2 are joined by cartilage while the others have no cartilage.

When we INHALE our muscles (respiratory muscles) expand our lungs which creates a vacuum and the mediation of pressure pulls air in...

Without these muscles, or lack of training to these muscles, the lungs cannot expand. If we control and using the muscles correctly, then we are on the road of mastering the Art of Breath.

It will allow for highest amount of lung expansion possible and the highest amount of life force properties into our system.


Here are the 4 methods of respiration.

- Low breathing

- Mid breathing

- HIGH breathing

- and Complete breathing

The most important being the complete breath.

So we will touch on the low, mid, and high breath but bring most attention to the COMPLETE Breath.

High breathing is known as Clavicular Breathing/collarbone breathing.


Breathing this way elevates the ribs while the collarbone and shoulders rise...

In this action the abdomen is drawn in which causes the inside to push up against the diaphragm and this effect lifts it. This will use the upper part of our chest which is the smallest and thus we intake the least amount of air. This is the worst way to breathe known.. Why..?

As the diaphragm is raised there is no room for expansion in the lower direction which we will soon come to learn why the lower is more beneficial.

Scientists looking at the chest will believe this is the best way to breathe, but we know the nature of the matrix and the reverse of things.

If you have any doubt to this Fact of high breathing being poor waste of energy,

Expel all the breath, stand with the hands by the sides, keeping the shoulders at the sides, raise them along with the collar bone inhale through the chest.

Let the arms drop, and do the same. Take a full breath and you will see the difference and will know..


MID breathing

This is also known as Rib breathing/intercostal breathing.. This is better than high breathing but is far inferior to low breathing or complete breathing.

During Mid breathing the Diaphragm is pushed upwards and the abdomen is drawn in.

The ribs are raised a little and the chest is partially expanded

This is common with beings who tend to have no knowledge on this subject.

This is only a short explanation as there are 2 techniques that are much superior which we will give our attention to...

LOW breathing

This form is MUCH better than high and mid breathing methods.

Most western breathing workshops and teachers focus on this and is called diaphragmatic breathing. Although a great improvement, know that the complete breath is the the most beneficial.

But in saying this one must get to know Low breathing before one can fully grasp complete breathing.

The partition muscle is how we see the Diaphragm and this separates the chest from the abdomen with all its contents. If it is at rest you see a concave surface to our abdominal.

Symbiotically the side of our Diaphragm towards the organs of our chest is rounded like a protruding semi circle.

When we breathe, the Diaphragm is now in use, and the semi circle is lowered and then presses on the organs and forces out our abdomen.

In low breathing the lungs are more free than in mid and high and more air is inhaled.

Even still this may be the best of the 3, to draw out the abdomen, but there is still a superior breathing method Complete breathing that is utilizing the full space and a maximum amount of life force can be invited into your body.

So we move to


This is the best breathing method known to man.

For a full inhalation of our life force in every breath, this is the one.

To be conscious of your breath and to breathe this way will not only fill your body with life giving properties in turn this will restore and regenerate dead cells and bring life back..

Once the system has restored balance there will be excess Life Force...

This will extend life and is such a key element to conscious mastery over our system.

In this breath we take all of the good actionable aspects of the high, mid and low breathing with the Bad aspects removed.

One of the key aspects of this method is all the respiratory muscles are activated and you will develop strength, control a great relationship with the system...

Another aspect is the ribs are used consciously, which in turn creates a greater space for expansion, and as a consequence gives the correct support for the organs.

Some muscles hold the lower ribs firmly, while others bend them outward.

So, bring this into practice and try to be super aware of how you breathe and how mastering your breath will benefit you in so many ways.

There are many other breaths with each its "super powers", which we will go into during this course.

The Nostril Breathing and the Complete Breath will already enhance your Life Force immensely so make sure you master them before you go to the next level. 

This Class will be started in the Spring of 2022.


However if you are ready to dive into the 7 Aspect E-Course then click the " I Am Ready" button below 

              Much gratitude to Josh X, as much of this information was provided through him.

                                              Visit his website at

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