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Connecting with the Divine Within

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The sole reason to practice meditation is for us to initially learn to reconnect with our Higher Self and eventually to be eternally connected to our Higher Consciousness. However, this requires changes on many levels with food being the first and maybe most profound step. We are frugivores by design because we are alkaline by design, but we live in an acidic forming lifestyle which only created disease in our physical and Metaphysical body.

All the services in this website are here to help you to bring you closer to being "the alkaline (wo)man". This journey is not easy as we have to give up the 10%, which is the L-brain, the Ego, the Tree of knowledge, of Duality. 

The L-brain is the UNCONSCIOUS Brain. The biggest sin is IGNORANCE, which is being UNCONSCIOUS and thus you become the 'Living" Zombie. Our society is designed to keep you unconscious, trapped, and thus being a slave to those few that run the world, aka globalists.

They keep you trapped, = ignorant, through poisoning your body and mind through dead foods, the tel-a-vision/media and many other "systems and industries" (financial system, healthcare system, religious systems, work force, etc.).


                      "The best slave is the slave who does not know that he is a slave"


As a human race we have fallen to the depths of our existence and have created hell on Earth.


It's through the so-called carnal pleasures that we are fooled that life is good, but we all feel the discord, the struggle, within. The Covid pandemic is here for humanity to WAKE UP, but many continue to stay asleep (= stay a sheep). It is time to rise up against all that is taking away our sovereignty.  

The external world, and what is playing out, is nothing but a giant mirror of how the human race has lost their inner power and its time as for the children of God to rise up. This rising up is through rising the chrism oil within and become the Christos. On the external its standing in one's sovereign power and standing up for the ONLY freedom that is left. This our freedom of CHOICE. Remember, NOT choosing is also a choice.

It is time to stop following the L-brain, the Ego and to follow the guidance of our Higher Self. As to achieve this, we must do the Journey as Jeshua did and become the Christos. At the same time, we have to stop being a slave of the few, so we TOGETHER can manifest Heaven on Earth. 


The hear the guidance from our Higher Self, we have to let go of the Noise (thoughts and emotions) of the L-brain. By practicing being silent, we tap into a different station, a different 

frequency and become "open minded". We tap into the world of infinite possibilities and leave behind the world of finite/ limited possibilities dictated by our L-brain, the Ego-brain, the subconscious. 

Most of all we become AWARE, that we have been enslaved by our own behavior and habits that kept us imprisoned. 

By practicing meditation, we learn to stay PRESENT. Together with all the other practices, it will eventually lead you to a place where you are able to stay in the moment no matter what is going on in the outside world. You are then " in this world but not of it"

Here is a link of a video by Charlie Freak, of how to meditate. It is simple and effective. It just takes practice, willingness and consistency, which are part of the 7 virtues. 

Charlie Freak Teaches How to Meditate (





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L-brain only = the Living Dead = no wonder we see all those zombie movies = they r making
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