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Your mental body, aka your Mind, is considered the most powerful aspect in manifesting the life that you have.


Your thoughts resemble the seeds that have the potential as to become the life that you desire. All of the other 6 aspects are needed as to allow this seed to become its full potential.


So, you have the power to choose what type of seed you plant, where you plant it, how you nurture it, and how you will use the tools of "life" to support you as to bring this dream into a manifested reality. 


Many people are planting seeds (thoughts and words) every day and not being aware that they do.


Most of your thoughts are generated by the beliefs that you have adopted as truth, at an often very young age. The question is which beliefs are helping you, and which ones are hindering you, or maybe even sabotaging your efforts as to manifest the life you always envisioned for yourself.


Ask yourself, how many times have you started something and after all the good intentions you got off track and before you know it, you are back at where you started, or ending up even worse.


Thus, it is important to become aware what kind of beliefs you have about yourself, people, society, wealth, etc. that continue to hold you back, as to achieve that which you desire.


Many people have poor health, are overweight, lack finances, are unable to have the relationships(s) they desire and all this despite their many efforts as to improve these areas.  Negative beliefs are at the root of this.

As you now know, we all have 2 bodies: a Physical body and an Energy-Body. They each have a Mind.​​


The Mind of your physical body is the L-brain aka intellect aka Ego-mind or conditioned mind. The Mind of your energy body is the R-brain aka Consciousness or God-mind.

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The L-brain holds 10% of the capacity of the brain and the R-brain 90%. The problem is that we are living in a L-brain society where logic and science is ruling our lives and we have forgotten how to tap into the 90% capacity of the R-brain.


The L-brain is the part we rely on in our day-to-day activities and associated with thoughts, intellect, reasoning, beliefs, values, memories, and conditional emotions. This is the dominant part in most people and has conditioned us how we act and behave.

The R-brain only reveals itself when the conditional mind is quiet. This part is associated with intuition, will, creativity, collective consciousness, being in the present moment, unconditional love, inner guidance. This is the unconditional, trusting part of the mind that accepts us for who we are and provides the inner nourishment of love.


You need to be aware and address both minds, the same way as you need to be aware and address your Physical and Energy Body. At least if you want to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Your intellect is your analytical / reasoning mind that tries to make sense of things and its motto is " I have to see it before I belief it". Your intellect pulls its info from facts, research, the past, including all the info stored in your subconscious mind. ​


Your consciousness is also called the Higher Mind or "heart mind". It doesn't require proof, it just "knows" that it is good for you.

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The proof is in the excitement and passion you feel within yourself. It is the part that guides you into whatever that makes you come alive. It requires Faith, Trust and Courage as to follow this guidance, while taking one step at a time.​


It is here where your intellect comes in. Your intellect will analyze what is needed to take this first step in the "real" world. Together the intellect and Higher mind make dreams come true. ​However, the intellect (L-brain) by itself will not lead you in the right direction.

Ram dass - ingtellect is a lousy master_edited.jpg

So, first step is to become aware that all that is not working in your life is based on a faulty subconscious program that continue to lead you away from the solutions that you require.


Now we are crossing over into the spiritual aspect as the second step is to become aware that you do have the solutions and that they are provided by your intuitive Mind (also called Higher Mind or Higher Self).


To access this Higher Mind, you must tune into a different channel /frequency, a different station, which is called the practice of meditation.


It takes time and practice as to learn to tune into this new station but even more to have the trust and faith in this inner voice and to take the action required, which can be quite the challenge, as the Ego self does not like change. ​


Once you learn to trust this voice within, you then allow the analytical mind to assist you as to come up with which earthly action-steps to take.

Checking in with you Higher mind each day through meditation, and to look into any new promptings that your Higher Self provides, is initially required, until you become the Master.​​ We delve deeper into this in the Spiritual aspect.

Are you ready as to let go of those beliefs that continue to sabotage your dreams !.......


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