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                 - CHRIST JESUS-

Your mental body, aka your Mind and the thoughts it generates, is often depicted as the most powerful aspect in manifesting the life that you have. 

Most of your thoughts are generated by the beliefs that you have adopted as truth, at an often very young age. The question becomes, are these thoughts helping you or hindering you.


The unfortunate truth is that we live in a society that is designed to keep the fear and suffering going and thus continue to trigger and reinforce the negative beliefs that you have accumulated since the day you were born. These thoughts then continue to reinforce those habits and behaviors that prevents you to manifest a life in where you can thrive inside and out.


However, almost nobody is aware that this is happening as the ones that are in power do everything as to keep you in survival mode, making sure that you do not have the time and/or energy to seek the truth.

The only way out of this imprisonment is to disconnect from the thinking mind, the thought generating mind, aka the L-brain or carnal mind, and at the same avoid those things in society that continue to keep your body, mind and spirit imprisoned and in survival mode.


The first aspect as to address is the physical aspect as all the toxins you take in prevents your physical body from doing what it is designed to do which is manifesting Optimal health in Body, mind and spirit.

Next is to become more aware of the kind of beliefs you have about yourself, people, society, wealth, etc. as they drive your habits and behaviors. Once aware you now have the power to start making different choices, leading to new habits, behaviors, experiences, beliefs and eventually outcomes.

1 - whole world = L-brain versus R-brain.jpg

The L-brain holds 10% of the capacity of the brain and the R-brain 90%. The problem is that we are living in a L-brain society where logic and science is ruling our lives and we have forgotten how to tap into the 90% capacity of the R-brain.


The L-brain is the part we rely on in our day-to-day activities and associated with thoughts, intellect, reasoning, beliefs, values, memories, and conditional emotions. This is the dominant part in most people and has conditioned us how we should act and behave.

The R-brain only reveals itself when the conditional mind is quiet. This part is associated with intuition, will, creativity, collective consciousness, being in the present moment, unconditional love, inner guidance, and authenticity. This is the unconditional, trusting part of the mind that accepts us for who we are and provides the inner nourishment of love.

the true heart of the body is the Mind.jpg

To connect to the R-brain (Higher Mind), you must learn to tune into a different channel /frequency, a different station, which is called the practice of meditation.


It takes time and practice as to tune into this new station but even more to have the trust and faith in this inner voice and to take the action required, which can be quite the challenge, as the Ego self does not like change. ​


Once you learn to trust this "voice within", you then will take consistent action based on this guidance, which will allow you to flow with life (thrive) instead of against it (survive). 

 We delve deeper into this in the Spiritual aspect.

Ram dass - ingtellect is a lousy master_edited.jpg

Are you ready as to let go of those thoughts, habits and behaviors that continue to sabotage your dreams !.......


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