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                                   “Every Human Being is the Author of his own Health or Disease"
                                                          Buddha (c. 563 b.c.e.- c 483 b.c.e.)

Our physical body is the vehicle that allows each of us to experience life while here on planet Earth. This physical body is also known as the” church of God” and its design is ultimate perfection.


It is designed to regenerate and heal itself and needs no help. For this regeneration to occur several things have to happen. 


First your body needs an abundance of free-flowing energy. We get this energy from a variety of sources which then can power up your body like a battery.  A well powered battery aka vitality will not only allow you to manifest great health but also allows you to follow your dreams.

Here is an example of the Energy Source results of the NES Health scan that indicates potential sources that may need to be addressed.















However, energy alone is not sufficient. We also need to know how well energy is being driven through each of the major organ and system networks in your body.  

Then we have to know how well information is flowing through the body and how well all the body systems are communicating with each other. Together they form a comprehensive communication network that directs the flow of energy and information around the body (instantaneously) ensuring that every bit of the body knows what it’s doing and that information arrives in the right place at the right time.












So the main question becomes what is interfering with providing the proper source energy, the proper strength as well as the proper flow, so all the systems can function optimally.


Interference simply meaning anything that blocks the innate wisdom of the body from doing its job.


Interference in any form (physical, dietary, chemical, mental-emotional, environmental) will block the flow of energy in the body and thus block the cells from functioning optimally.


Thus, the only thing truly required is to remove the interference.


This is where we at Optimal Health Solutions assist you with, as identifying and removing the interference is key so that your body is not only able to regenerate itself but also for you to thrive in all aspects of your life.


Some examples of interference: lack of nutrients, lack of movement, toxic chemicals, external trauma (accidents, injurie, abuse), inner trauma (mental-emotional- spiritual), EMF (Wi-Fi, tv/computers/cell phone), lack of time in nature, etc.

For example........

Exercise: The key to exercise is balance. Too much exercise can not only cause acute injury but also overload the body to the point that it is unable to regenerate. Athletes are very aware of this but it applies to everyone.


Not enough exercise /movement is also unhealthy and combined with poor nutrition is unfortunately true for many and disastrous for your health.


Exercise allows for example the body to be properly oxygenated, to help with detoxification and assist with stress management as it burns excessive stress hormones.


If exercise is done outdoors you will be exposed to the electro-magnetic field of Mother Earth which is vital as to restore balance and health in all the cells of your body.


Chemical Load: We live in a society where toxins are rampant. Toxins in the food, toxins in the water, toxins in the air, toxins in our cleaning supplies, vaccinations, OTC and prescription medications, toxins in all the products that we all use day in and day out, EMF toxins, etc.


All these toxins are interfering with the health of our cells and thus how our body functions. The chemical load is the total amount of toxins you are allowing to accumulate in your body. Completely eliminating toxins is not the goal as it is virtually impossible. However you can significantly reduce your toxic load by making informed choices, and it is vital to do so if you want to manifest Optimal Health.











Outdated Habits & Behavior: You most likely at some point have come across the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. 


However, this is exactly what so many people are doing, and they are not even aware of it.


Thus, any aspect of your life that does not change the way you desire, despite your best efforts, requires for you to look at any negative patterns of behavior that is interfering with that which you want to achieve. 

These negative patterns of behavior are caused by stored emotional trauma. These emotional traumas are stored in what is known as the “pain body”. If not addressed, you will very likely continue to manifest the same outcomes, despite your best efforts. More on this in the emotional aspect of this website

source energy pic.jpg
energy strength results.jpg
energy flow results.jpg
1 - its to make you healthy = for your own good = to protect you.jpg
Real and Fake Food= your choice = Life or Death.jpg
3145_10152059250675942_1422336727_n (2).jpg

These are just a few examples that may be in need to be addressed based on your goals at that time.


Our Physical Body is more then Physical, and Quantum physics has proven that we are not even physical but just pure energy. It simply means that we have to expand our view how the body functions and treat it accordingly.

Our medical system continues to focus on "correcting" the physical body instead of removing the interference that prevents the body from healing itself, and more often then not, pushing the body deeper into a state of disease.

Image by Alexander Redl

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