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The mental aspect is the most powerful aspect. It has created so far the life that you have in this present moment. This Mental aspect is part of the ENERGY body.

Thoughts resemble the seeds that have the potential to manifest the life you desire.

The Mental aspect produces the seed and the Emotional aspect is how you fuel or "fertilize" this seed and allow it to grow, and eventually bring it into full manifestation.

All the other aspects that we address at OHS will have their influence in allowing this seed to become its full potential, and eventually manifest in your life.

So you have the power to choose what type of seed, what kind of dream, you plant, where you plant it, how you nurture it, and how you will use the tools of "life" to bring this dream into a manifested reality.

Many people are planting seeds (aka thoughts) every day and not being aware that they are doing this. Your subconscious mind is the main generator of your thoughts. These thoughts are based on the experiences you have accumulated in the past. These experiences have become the energy imprints, aka BELIEFS. Based on these beliefs you make choices every day, which lead to certain outcomes. These outcomes combined is called your life.

Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind. You can compare these beliefs as the software that runs your human body as well as your human experience. You do not see the world through your eyes but through the beliefs that are stored in your subconscious mind. Therefore, different people experience the same event in different ways.

I personally view the subconscious mind being all your cells on which your experiences are literally imprinted upon. The totality of these imprints is your energy body, and the physical expression is your physical body as well as the reality, called your life. Different experiences are imprinted on different parts of your body, on different parts of your cells.

This subconscious "mind" or "field" is like a software program that also carries all the information as how to run your physical body in all its aspects. It is the infinite wisdom that is present in all of us that allows this to happen.

For example, it takes care of all the body systems like respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc. But it does a lot more than that. It is a system that also stores all your experiences. All experiences meaning even those parts of an experience that you are not conscious aware off. It is like “the all-seeing eye”. It records not only all images of an event but also how we experience the event.

Thus, the subconscious mind is your supercomputer and the only thing we must be concerned about is what type of software we allow to be stored here.

The intellectual mind has been accepted in our society as the master. It uses reason and requires PROOF before it accepts anything as truth. However, this intellectual mind can only ever process a maximum of seven thought processes (bits) at any one given time as its sole purpose is to find practical solutions, so we can bring into manifestation what it is that we desire.

The subconscious "mind" can process a billion trillion processes in any one given moment. Because the subconscious mind is an energy field imprinted on all the cells of our body, it is able to process these vast amounts as it is tuning into (aka sensing) the environment not only 24/7, but also with an amount of active units (meaning all the cells of your body) that is in the trillions and far exceeds the amount of cells in our analytical brain.

Thus, can you see that this subconscious mind is a powerful source of "whatever you require" and that without this “automated” system you could not even function.

According to Bruce Lipton, the author of “Biology of Belief”, 90% or even 95% of the beliefs in the subconscious are based on Fear and thus WILL often NOT create the life you desire.

Many people have poor health, are overweight, lack finances, or are unable to have the relationships(s) they desire and all this despite their many efforts as to improve these areas. Your negative beliefs are at the root of this.

So when I say “the root” I mean the foundation on which the majority of humanity are building their lives on, which are based on all on past experiences which are stored in the subconscious mind.

So, the subconscious "mind" is, the automated system, in charge of creating your life. This is great if this automated system is creating all that you desire. However, in the aspects where you seem to create the same unwanted outcomes again and again, this “automated” system has many programs that are not beneficial as to create the life that you envision.

Negative beliefs can be imagined like a distortion (a glitch or even a complete block) in the proper working of this supercomputer and thus not executing the command properly (your desire).

You may experience this glitch as a dis-ease aka symptom. In the physical aspect this could be expressed as aches and pains, etc. In the Mental aspect it may be expressed as worry, doubt, confusion, etc.

The subconscious mind is also the regulator of your autonomic nervous system and thus if the subconscious is full of negativity, it will push the nervous system out of balance. The risk is that it can keep it in a constant fight and flight mode (survival mode= chronic stress) and not allowing the physical body to restore and regenerate itself, as it is designed to do.

This is a major reason why chronic disease is so prevalent in our population. The body is literally being worn down by all that negativity that runs through the body.

On top of that, our so called health care system is numbing the warning signs (aka symptoms) through the “pill for every ill cure”, leading us further away into the solutions required as to restore the Life force that is required to create Optimal Health.

I hope that you already start to see that by not addressing these glitches or blocks, that you are preventing the proper flow of life force to run through your cells. This will result in not only a lack of physical health but also mental and emotional health. This lack of Life Force will thus not only prevent you to create Optimal Health, but also an Optimal life.

Your physical health and the manifestation called your life, is nothing but a large mirror of the outcome of the choices that you have made, based on the beliefs that drive you.

These choices that you have made so far as to manifest the life you have, is all based on your internal programming, your software, your beliefs, and these choices are for the majority unconscious.

Thus "man know thyself" meaning what is animating you as to make the choices in your life, is vital as for you to become aware off. Remember not choosing and going on automatic pilot is also a choice. I call this living and creating by default. Thus, awareness is always step 1 and key as to free you out of your own prison. Again "ignorance is not bliss"

It is vital that you become aware of the beliefs that you have, so you can identify those beliefs that continue to create unwanted outcomes. The areas of your life where you have the ongoing biggest challenges are also the areas where you have the strongest negative beliefs.

On top of that, others and society will often trigger your weakest area in ways that are beyond what our intellectual mind can understand. Your weakest area is the area that continue to give you the biggest suffering again and again. This suffering is not to punish you but a call for you to choose something different.

To start discovering where you may have your most negative imprints, your strongest negative beliefs (called CORE beliefs), start by asking yourself: which area of my life seems to be the furthest away from how I would want it to be.

Physical: the way you look, vitality, health, nutrition, weight issues, etc.

Is it …Mental: constant worry, control issues, expectations, etc.

Emotional; anxiety, depression, doubt, shame, fear, etc.

Or….Spiritual: lack of faith, giving up, not trusting yourself, blaming

Maybe………Environmental: where you live, with whom, your physical home, clutter.

Relationships: love relationship, family, friends, control issues, victim, narcissist, co-workers.

Career: lack of passion and drive, being bored, feeling stuck, being a work-a-holic, or chronically unemployed.

All these 7 aspect flow over and have a strong influence on each other. When you look at the above areas, pick the one that shows up as a recurrent struggle in your life. Pick the one area that is creating the biggest suffering right now.

The answers are always quite clear in these areas of great suffering, but it just takes the willingness to look at it with honesty.

Whatever triggers your strongest feelings is where you have the biggest wounds, the biggest negative core beliefs and thus where you have the strongest behaviors that continue to create what you do NOT want. It is the area where you are the most out of alignment with your Authentic Self.

The discord, the dis-ease you experience within yourself, is an indication of how far removed you are from being this true self, your Authentic Self, and thus creating a life in where you truly will thrive.

If this information resonates with you and you want to know more, then check out www.OHS2020.COM

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