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We live in a fast-paced society where we have all the gadgets as to stay in contact with almost anybody 24/7 and despite this, we seem to be more disconnected than ever. 

This disconnect is nothing but a mirror of how we are dis-connected from our own inner selves. Many of us have forgotten what is truly important for us as an individual.


The responsibilities of life are weighing many down and draining their precious Life force and ending up in survival mode and only able to function from day to day.


They come home and crash in front of the TV ( tel-a-vision) not knowing that it is designed to program people, so they can continue to be the slaves that they are, and keep them stuck in the merry-go round.


Many people have not only have lost their own power to discern what they truly need but also have lost the energy, faith and trust to act upon that.

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On top of that, the media is making sure that it will become more and more ingrained that the world is unsafe and that we need to be protected by external sources, especially the government.


All this fear continues to separate people, as many continue to be programmed as to find a scapegoat for all the misery that they may find themselves in. The answer is not in avoiding other people but to co-operate and to unite, so that together we can co-create a world that we not only all can live in, but also thrive in.

First step is that we must stop the war, poverty, guilt, shame, etc. within ourselves so we do not project (blame) it onto other people, society and the world at large. Everything that you see wrong in society is nothing but a large mirror of all the discord that is felt within us, as a human race, and its purpose is to wake humanity up.​​


Ignorance is not bliss but keeps you stuck without even knowing that you do have a choice. We all need each other as to change this world, not through fear but through taking our own power back as an individual, and then together we can stand strong.

We need each other as to manifest the New Earth, so that our children, grandchildren, and their children will not become the slaves as many of us are now, without even realizing it.


                " the best slave, is the slave who does not know he is a slave" 


So, what are you enslaved by? What keeps you stuck and unaware? How can you start freeing yourself of all the shackles that keep you imprisoned of that which prevents you from being the person that you are truly meant to be, so you can start manifesting the life you so desire.


Many are dying a slow death within. We all deserve a life that is filled with Joy, Peace, Love and Abundance in all areas of life. The question is? Do you belief that it is true for you in your heart and soul and not just on a mental level. 

Life is a journey that starts with self-awareness, and inner transformation.

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Our Love relationship(s) offers us one of the greatest opportunities as to not only grow as a person but also the opportunity to heal each other’s emotional wounds, and come closer as to live up to our potential.


It takes courage, honesty, communication, and vulnerability as to allow that to happen. First step is always awareness of Self and then to make new choices based on that newfound awareness.

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Many people are and continue to stay in relationships that have run their course and are a constant energy drain.


Familiarity, financial reasons, as well as religious and other outdated beliefs may keep them stuck in a marriage / relationship that died many years or even decades ago. 

We all have the power of choice, but without a certain level awareness of one’s own patterns of behavior, it is very likely that nothing will change.


However, once you are aware of your patterns of behavior that contributed to an unhappy Love relationship, then you have the power to put that newfound knowledge into action. The action as to transform your present Love relationship or attract and manifest a new relationship(s), no matter what age you are. 

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This transformation can be applied to any relationship (children, siblings, friends, co-workers, etc.) 

Nothing is a more powerful than you having a life that you truly love. It will empower others to do the same.

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Are you ready to Manifest the Life and Relationship you always dreamed off ! ........

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