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Sacred Sex / White Tantra

The Secret Garden to Eden

Kundalini is the active intelligence of God and can ONLY be activated through sacred SEX.j

Sexual Magic is practiced in esoteric Christianity... Sexual Magic is practiced in Zen Buddhism... Sexual Magic is practiced amongst the initiated Yogis... Sexual Magic is practiced amongst the Mohammedan Sufis... Sexual Magic was practiced in the Initiatic Colleges of Troy, Egypt, Rome, Carthage, Eleusis... Sexual Magic was practiced by the mysterious Maya, Aztec, Inca, Druids, etc... Therefore, Sexual Magic and the Cosmic Christ are the synthesis of all religions, schools, and sects...

By harnessing the power of the sexual glands, we can revolt against the current towards destruction and endless suffering (the Ego). This revolution cannot be done through belief but through action, through a method known since antiquity but kept secret until now: sexual transmutation, also called alchemy or tantra.


The “way to life” is always sexual, whether creating physical life or spiritual life. That is why throughout the ancient scriptures there are clues towards the preservation of the sexual energy, the “living waters,” and why the elite of every religion preserved their sexual energy: they knew how to harness it for purposes higher than mere lust.

The sexual energy is a tremendous power — it creates life! When harnessed and made pure — a process called “white tantra” — it creates life in the superior levels of nature so that one is “born again.” 

The ancient secret path hidden in all religions, and the source of power that gave birth to the most remarkable souls in history, those radiant men and women of terrific compassion and intelligence who embodied the best of what it is to be human. The power to become like them is within you, too. It is up to you to use it.

Here is a link to one of the best and most important videos ever created.

Sex The Secret Gate to Eden Gnostic Teachings - YouTube

These are the teachings of the Essenes and the Gnostics and is the Heart and Soul of the Journey of Mankind...


This is a brilliant video that you will need to watch more than it represents Eternal Life, and your Life's True Journey, which is to RISE back to God in Heaven...


The Great Arcanum is the Secret to the Fountain of Youth, which exists INSIDE OF YOU, in the Garden of Eden...and within us...


Jesus Christ IS the Shepherd who tends to our Garden and its Four Rivers...the Pishon, the Gishon, the Tigris and the Euphrates ARE our Blood, our Urine, our Saliva and our CSF (Christic Sacred Fluids Aka Cerebral Spinal Fluids), which are both your Chrism Oil and your Semen...


Thus, when we are IN Alignment to Jesus Christ...when we are Still, Strong, Alkaline, and Truthful, then we will begin to RISE within ourselves, thru the Superhighway known as the Chakras (Houses of the SON), until we reach the Blood Brain Barrier...and there we must Ascend a THOUSAND FOLD = Crucifixion, or our Sacred Essence, the Chrism (Christ) Oil within us, cannot Rise up into Heaven Upon Earth ( third ventricle) and realize the Fountain of Everlasting Youth.


This is why we MUST Harness our Or-Gasms (Golden Spasms), WITHIN US, so as NOT to lose this most Powerful of both Physical and Metaphysical it is this combined FORCE of all your Orgasms (inwardly), that allow the Chrism Oil to CROSS-i-fy, or Crucify, from the Physical Body and into the Inner Mind... Without this, Christ cannot become our Saviour Within and tend to our Flocks and Crops inside our Garden of Eden.


...thus, again, we must RISE Jesus Christ AND Mary Magdalene Within us, to set them upon their Rightful Place, in our Heads (third ventricle= heaven), as the Lord and Lady Christ, forever tending to all our Needs, as Adam and Eve in OUR Garden of Eden...
























Here are links to 2 great books regarding this subject

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