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3 Month Journey One-on-One

Bioenergetics - Prevention at its best !

  • 1 h
  • 1,666 US dollars
  • Online-Zoom Meeting

Service Description

In this 3- month One-on-One journey we focus on you as the individual and those areas of your life that you desire the greatest transformation. You will learn in 3 months, not only what took me almost a lifetime, but we also are able to scan your bio-energetic field, as well as correct this energy field, using so called infoceuticals. This will allow for much faster integration, healing and transformation to occur. At your core you are energy and your physical health as well as the other outer aspects of your life are governed by how well this energy is flowing in your life. In truth, you are surrounded by your own unique energy field aka biofield, that runs not only your body but also your life. When this Biofield is free of distortions, it will allow the body to do what it is designed to do, which is manifesting not only Optimal physical Health but also health in the other aspects of your life. Your Biofield is like a magnet that attracts like energies and thus it determines what you attract or what you are attracted to. By clearing up the distortions in your Biofield, you will start to resonate with the energy of ease instead of dis-ease, which will greatly assist you with your inner and outer transformations. At Optimal health Solutions we call this transforming from the inside out and outside in, as all aspects are interconnected and in have an influence on each other in, at times, magical ways. All this information will become much clearer after you have gone through this program. I welcome you to this exciting journey of manifesting your best Life ever. This special introduction price includes, 1) A monthly NES Health Bioenergetic scan. 2) 5 infoceuticals based on your NES Health scan results (3 x $ 165.00 value) 3) Journey into the 7 aspects tailored to you as a unique individual 5) One - on -One Bi-weekly one-hour consultations 6) Member of the OHS Private Facebook Group I see you soon Kees

Cancellation Policy

48 hour cancellation / refund policy.

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