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Service Description

This FREE Intro NES Health Scan is a great way as for you to get introduced to the Medicine of the Future aka Bioenergetic Medicine. The screens provided in this Free scan gives you already a lot of information, that you can start applying right away. Your scan will reveal how you can improve your energy, your vitality, (= Energy Source Screen) but also how well this energy is being driven through the major organ and system networks in your body (= Energy Strength Screen). For optimal function of the organs, organ systems, and the body as a whole, communication is key. The Energy Flow Screen provides information how well your body is doing in regards to this. Optimal flow ensures that every bit of the body knows what it’s doing and that information arrives in the right place at the right time so that the body can manifest Optimal Health. Other screens available in this scan are the Body-mind screen, Nutrition screen, Environmental toxins screen as well as the screen that provides clues regarding possible underlying beliefs that may influence the outcomes that you are seeking in life, whether this is in regards to physical health, career, relationships, etc. Life is a journey and the NES Health scan provides a great foundation as to improve any aspect of your life that is not the way you like at this very moment. You can do this Free scan free by going back to the "WHAT IS NES HEALTH" page of this website. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the button " CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT" and follow the directions. Once your account is created, you then can do your voice scan in the convenience of your own home, and have immediate access. Your NES Health Portal contains a lot of additional information regarding many subjects, including this new NES Health Technology. For only $ 25.00 you get access to all the screens and thus even more in depth information. For $99.00, you get the full Scan plus a consult, providing you with a much better understanding of the amazing information that these NES Health Scans provide. The recommendations that are provided are based on the info of the whole scan, even those screens that you do not access to (in this free scan. Note: these prices are introduction prices, so take advantage of it, while it last.

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