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OHS Physical Therapy

To achieve Optimal Health & Mobility

  • 1 h
  • 298 US dollars
  • Client /caregiver home

Service Description

I specialize in post-op Physical Therapy Services. This can be after after a hip or knee replacement, a back fusion, or just general surgery. When you have gone through the mainstream rehab channels and still unable to live life based on how you envisioned it before surgery, then I can help you. At OHS we provide more then just the basic Physical Therapy. We address not only the physical aspect but all aspects of the clients life and thus allowing you, as a client, to regain / maintain the ability to live life to the fullest. Prevention is always key but things do happen. Fortunately, the body has amazing abilities to self-correct, to Self-Heal as it is designed to do this. The only thing we need to do is for us allowing it to do this. New choices lead to new outcomes and at OHS we assist you in becoming aware in what aspects of your life change is needed. This can be in regards to exercise, nutrition, mind set, etc. as for you to continue to live your life on your terms. So when you are ready as to give it your all, then call us. The Free discovery call is a great way to find out of how I can be of service to you as to reach your goals. Note: no insurance is accepted and we are only cash based. Initial Assessment and follow up sessions are done in the privacy of your own home, or location of your choosing. Price Initial Assessment $ 298.00. Follow Up sessions $ 198.00 Price shown is for the initial assessment only, at which time we will determine the number of subsequent visits required. So, when you are ready to start living your best life ever then we are here to assist you doing so. See you soon Kees

Cancellation Policy

48 hour cancellation / refund policy.

Contact Details


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