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 "KNOWING YOURSELF IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL WISDOM"                                                      Aristotle

Your Spiritual aspect is the part that is here to guide you. It is designed as to help you to find your way "through the dark". This “dark” is the Ego mind (L-brain) and our L-brain society.


Your Soul aspect is that part of you that is meant to be connected to the Higher Aspect that you are, aka as your Higher Self. It is this Higher aspect that is meant to guide you as to become more of who you truly are.


However, your Soul aspect is unable to fully connect to this Higher aspect due to the many interferences that keeps you stuck in L-brain mode as these interferences continues to trigger the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself, others and society.

Thus the only way out is to disconnect from the L-brain and the lies and deceit of our current L-brain society that is trying to keep you trapped in slavery mode.

Thus, the journey is to get beyond the mental chatter and the feelings / emotions, that run through your body. It is then that you end up in a space that is occupied by the Divine alone. This space is occupied by Love and Love alone which is the most powerful healing force in the Universe.​

However, as to reach this place we have to do the Hero's journey.

Here is a sample of the steps of the Heroes Journey ( part of the NES Bio-field scan).

Heroes Journey.jpg

We are all Spiritual Beings on a journey. A Journey of re-discovering and stepping into our Divine Power.


This Journey is ongoing, and we are continuously re-directed in many aspects of our life as to continue to expand towards our Highest Potential.  


Many are unaware of this with the risk of getting stuck and unable to move forward in some part of the journey. 

This moving forward may be in the physical aspect like improving your health. Or maybe it’s your career whether this is going for your dream job, a promotion or starting your own business. It can be in regards to relationships, which can be a love relationship or maybe the focus is the relationship with yourself.


We all are meant to expand, which is what the Heroes Journey is all about. It is about inner transformation.


Life is meant to be your teacher and guiding you to Be all that you are and live your best life ever.


We live in a world of duality, Light versus Dark, the good versus the bad. Duality is here to assist us to learn the lessons we came here to master. The lessons are to help us, as an individual and as a society, to shift towards a higher vibration. This Higher vibration is towards Love and away from fear, towards ease and away from dis-ease.

We are nothing but the expression of the vibration we hold within ourselves. The quality of the vibration you hold within is your energy signature.


This signature can be seen as the manifested outcomes in the external aspects of your life and the health and inner peace you experience within.

Optimal Health Solutions is here to help you on this journey in whatever aspect that may be. 

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