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                  Much gratitude to Josh X, as much of this information was provided through him.

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By working your way through the virtues is a powerful way as to reprogram yourself and with that your life. As always awareness and the willingness to "know thyself" is key.

By being Virtues in any opportunity that arises, you free your energy flow through the Chakras, and thus allowing the divine energy to flow.


Every time you choose to be virtuous , you then will move away from the old ego sins, and this will increase your vibration and allowing your experiences to be lighter and lighter and through that manifest a life of more joy, ease and grace. 


But if you sin in the moment you will find a trail of negativity expressed through your physical experiences. This can be experienced through your interactions with the world or the internal warfare in your mind, but both are usually closely interconnected. 

Life is here to be your teacher and by practicing the virtues and at the same time observing your experiences, you then will see that it is all energy. Your choices brings forward your reality as your energy will attract what you send out. By the simple nature of being virtuous, you will never have another negative experience again, and life becomes heaven on earth.

Often as we face obstacles, thoughts arise form the Ego Self and we then identify with the experiences via the pain body and becoming unconscious and allowing the programs of ego/survival to take over. 


When we stay connected to our True Self, which is awareness, then we are able to accept and surrender to that moment, that just is. This comes by faith, in knowing that everything is happening by the grace of God for you, for your awakening, not too you, by chance.

Awareness is key, because if you are aware then you can choose the virtue but if one is unconscious, then the sin is taken... This is where the practice of the virtues is our true gift. When we continue to stay aware (awake, conscious), the thoughts can then be observed and balance will be restored, and by the actions we consciously take – we increase our vibration.

Here is a small example; in relationships we can hold a grudge (pride, anger). We may ignore this by trying to carry on with the day, cuddle, share, talking, etc. but if you hold onto that grudge through the thoughts from your ego mind and continue to dominate you...then you are the only one suffering.


Staying with that grudge (thought form) has a very big impact on your experience, as the mind is taking your vibration down and causing your energy to drop. This opens the door to not only manifesting depression and thoughtforms that continue to create torment and true suffering but you may also attract other negative experiences that your lower vibration energy field has manifested..​

If you hold no grudge you are free and remain positive even if your opponents at that time aren't.
Life will show you how you the power of choosing to live virtuous.

                                               Here is a list of the 7 virtues and 7 sins

virtues and vices.jpg





To have Chastity as a Virtue is to be strong in every moment against the temptations of the left brain, aka the ego mind. These temptations are the worldly desires that can pull you into a physical want or a thought process and thus taking you away from the present moment. It is for you to beat the demon/thought forms that are trying to dominate you, and to pull you away from what you know is good and righteous in your heart and soul.

It is for you to make conscious decisions and to take yourself away from any distraction that can lead to a lower energetic behavior. If your temptations win, then you will feel the experience of the sin Lust… The journey is for you to avoid and resist temptations that would cause dis-ease or dis-comfort.

Lust is a dominating force of intense thought (a demon) that is trying to control your behaviors. It will manifests as intense uncontrollable desire, wanting or longing for an object (food, person, money, material goods, drugs, alcohol, etc.). The only way to beat this is to see the Lust demon for what it is  and never give in…

When you just witness the thought for what it is, a demon trying to pull you into sin, your awareness rises and this thought, this lust demon will loose its power. This will create space, a sense of empowerment and freedom. When you feel a desire, recognize the desire and just observe it.... It will then pass and eventually leave you.

If you allow the desire to be your focus, then it will control you and pain will be experienced. This until you have learned the lesson, no matter how long it takes. It is all about becoming free which equals happiness.

Chastity promotes graceful living preventing corruption in thought, words, and actions.

If our decisions agree with what we know in our hearts to be true and righteous, then we flow and grow and receive gifts in our experiences.

Our Intentions are genuine and pure when they are free of self-interest, the ego – desire, envy, cruelty, greed, lust, trickery, and dishonesty….


- Are your words simple and true or is there some intent to deceive, control or manipulate a    situation to your advantage. 

Do you feel you are possibly gaining some future ego or material benefit/reward from your choices/actions, or are they based purely on love and human nature?

Do you ever intend to alter someone’s beliefs to align them with your views? When we should encourage them to break their own boundaries….

So try to notice when you are inconsistent in what you say, and the actions you take based on your spoken words. Remember words affect everything, as it is energy and for many these effects go unnoticed as they can only be noticed with great perception…

Look first to yourself to identify:

- Vanity

- Envy

- Jealousy

- Anger

- Greed

- Overindulgence

Remember to be kind to yourself as becoming more virtuous is a journey. It is a journey as to allow your awareness to improve so you can witness the outcomes that your choices have manifested, and often in the most subtle ways.


chastity- lust.jpg


                            HUMILITY versus PRIDE











To be one with the virtue of humility is to know the True Divine Essence of who you are at your core, which is a Divine being and thus be able to not feel the need to prove to anyone that you are, what you know to be.

Humility allows you to go through life and to be of service with no expectation, knowing that you are one with the Divine creator, allowing balance internally as well as externally.


This includes giving the utmost respect and care to those who are not on the level of heightened perception that is within you, as you are to be able to inner-stand the journey of development of Consciousness that is offered while on this Earthly plane.

Humility does not mean having a low self-esteem by allowing other energies to trample or to impose their energy (their will) upon you, but it is to be strong and know that we each have a journey that is unique upon each of us. 

If one struggles with this, the pain body will express the symptoms of Pride.

To have pride or to be proud is to feel a false energy inside of you, that makes your awareness fall trap into identification of the false self (aka as your identity).

With pride one feels that the achievements one has made puts you on a higher stature than another. This now influences you to react to external situations, via the level of your expectation, of how you think you should be treated. 

Now the ego feels as if it needs to stand up for what it is, or believes it is, or deserves. This creates huge thought, massive judgement and emotional content that has now manifested by your illusions of how things should be.

Pride will often hide via the intellectual mind. To be trapped by the intellect, the left brain, there can be no progress in awareness and perception and thus one stay stuck in the Ego mind, and continue to perpetuate the sin that is pride.


We live in a truly virtuous reality, and your life will work for you with virtue, and against you with sin (but truly always for consciousness to grow).

So free yourself from the ego’s control, become more conscious of your actions…. until you set yourself free. 

Humility Pride.jpg


                                KINDNESS versus ENVY

The virtue Kindness is the fruit of the source within your True Divine Being and glows as the golden aura that surrounds you. The fruit grows with the infinite kindness and love you give out into the world, and this gets channeled straight back to the heart space within you.

As the bible states "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

So, what you do, say and feel/emote/intend/project, effects not only your own life, but the whole earth, as we truly are ONE BIG CONSCIOUS LIVING ORGANISM (UNIVERSE).


Kindness connects all hearts, showing Love and the qualities of having an empathetic, helpful and considerate nature, will ultimately be reciprocated back to you within the universe.

Kindness begins in the heart space, flows, and is rooted in love.  Our value in life should not be measured by the material possessions we have acquired, but by the kindness we share and the hearts we have embraced .

Cause no harm, including your actions, words, and thoughts.

The way we can reciprocate kindness

- Encourage other beings to grow, Offer charity where needed

- Let go of old programs and take care of all life, including you.

- Give empathy and compassion to all situations that arise.

- Purify your being of greed, anger and delusional thoughts, then naturally and spontaneously     kindness appears.

Everything has such intricacies, don’t let them go a miss, look at your family, pets, friends, enemy and see what they are…. Appreciate it all and see the gift ("challenge") they present to you as for you to react less from ego and allowing life to flow and thus inviting more Joy, Ease and Grace into your being and life.

Instead of looking at the bad aspects of others, look for the kindness in everything.

Kindness is abundance and is one of the biggest energy influencers of all. The inspiration that is carried to others by a kind act, destroys darkness and fills the heart with joy.

Begin a ripple to create a wave…….it all starts with you. Doing good to others without attachment is being kind…however never forget to be kind to yourself.

Envy reveals itself as a desire for a superior quality, possession, achievement, or the wish that the other will lose it.

Envy is felt as pain by the envious at the sight of another’s good fortune, creating thoughts such as "I deserve that" or "I ought to have this".

This is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness and negative feelings.

Not only does one feel unhappy and negative but may also wish to inflict misfortune on others, resulting in emotional abuse and violent acts.

Envy is the driving force of commercial system and is endured to KEEPING UP APPEARENCES.

kindness- envy.jpg



                             CHARITY versus GREED











To live with Charity is to be in oneness with the flowing of the universal life force, as to truly give, is to receive…

As you let go of the attachment of something, the abundance pours in, as you are no longer challenged by the ego to hold on to the thought of this material possession.

The secret to become this energy, to raise your vibration, is to have the willingness to help others, as if it was your own self.

Love is to be in union in a knowing state that life reciprocates, and without the giving nothing can be reciprocated. This is the purest form of love, to see life as consciousness, and be one.

For a prime example: letting go of money (the fear of having none or the love of money) allows the removal of the identification to it, and there is no longer a need for a lesson in your consciousness…. it then becomes no thing, as with everything, and then it can more easily flow into your life.  

To share is to care... give help, serve and feel the joy of true love.

The Sin/vice is GREED. If one is greedy, then one cannot see the true mechanics of existence.

If one takes for himself without any consideration for others, the ego is and continue to dominate, and a scarcity mindset will play a role. The energy will turn against one self, and the experience of pain will manifest within your thought.

The mind/ego will be searching for a material gain, for external pleasure, and at the same time becoming separated from eternal bliss…

Food, money, status, power,..... this desire to acquire more than one needs will never be filled.

Abundance is here for all, remember it is the mindset that has the effect…. To let go is to have no fear, or want or need, and to be secure in the now, knowing that all is taken care of.

Everything is as it is right now is for your consciousness to grow. To sin is to be boxed and trapped and craving for more and more without ever achieving peace, happiness and bliss and enlightenment in this life… so let go!.. and you will have everything for your life to be the fullest.

Have faith...... do the birds ask for food? Do they go hungry?

charity - greed.jpg


                           PATIENCE versus WRATH

Patience is key to quiet the demons (whisperers) of the L-brain, the ego mind. 

Be still and observe the dance of your thoughts, and how these demons are controlling you and taking you out of the present moment, giving you the illusion of never having enough time, or wanting/expecting others to act as you see fit in the time that is convenient for you. If you do this then you can choose to let these thoughts be whatever they are. This will set you free, as time is no longer a controller of the mind. 

Others may not be at your level of awareness and thus will not experience the same reality as you do. You may witness how some may continue to react and may even try to pull you out of your balanced state.

If there is no patience, then you may be pulled into the Sin of Wrath (anger/resentment)

Wrath is a hard energy to deal with emotionally and energetically. It heats up the body and causes instant manifestation of pure hatred to yourself, and this all via the thought forms that you have created about the external situations, that are not in your conscious control.

But to be this way, only heightens the negative physical experience and prolongs unhappiness as your journey is to overcome the great expectations that you have. If you do not, then the "demons" will get stronger and you will feel the pain of a fight or flight response, encompassing the body with destructive chemical release (cortisol) draining ones physical, emotional and the Spiritual connection disconnected..

Patience is absolutely key as to quiet the mind and having peace in your life, and allowing life to align with you, without any issue, and full of joy, ease and grace.

Every feeling we have is from L-brain “thinking-ness”, which pushes us into a whole world of illusion, as the L-brain thinking removes us from the power of the present moment, which is all there is.

An example: You could be in a shop in a quiet awaiting to pay, with little time to get to an important appointment. You also need to get fuel in your car as to get there because if you do not, you may just make it......or not!

If one identifies with the Ego, then there is a whole false perception being brought into your awareness, system in panic- fight or flight response, stress, feeling fear, anxiety , rage etc. (in this state you have lost the connection with your true Self).

Now as you start to notice, the ego mind will start to comment that you need to rush, that you are stressed and pointing to the slow people around you. This experience is here to and to see who is in control, you or your ego-mind.

If your ego-mind is in control and you come from a lack of patience, the energies in the background are aligning and through that manifesting that which you fear the most.  Traffic will slow down, red lights at every traffic light, and roadblocks, seem to come out of nowhere, seemingly all against you, as for you to arrive on time.


This only occurred as you have projected this energy from your essence, so you can learn from it. This is just a small example of how powerful we all are.

Remember, when acting within the system of virtues NOTHING can go wrong. If you would have been diligent (e.g leaving home in time, gotten gas the day before) you would not be rushing and not be presented with this challenge/lesson. Now the lack of patience creates stress and throws your whole endocrine system into a survival mode and perpetuates negativity, until you choose to change it (your mindset).

With no stress. Not only is it a joy to just observe life, it will align for you

Patience, in this fast-paced earth we live in can be difficult as most beings want instant gratification or results and want things without waiting.

Expectations from deliveries on the same day, to immediate results in health and fitness, to fast food delivered or already pre-made, so that we can eat it sooner or save a little time.

We literally have everything at the touch of a button with technology, phones, TV etc… so this has led us to a life where many have very little patience....... It is time we slow down and practice patience.....Slow and steady wins the race…

Patience is the virtue that overcomes anger. An angry mind is the result of thinking too much and then acting out, this leads to harming others, but also causing harm to ourselves with thought demon’s…resulting in an unbalanced endocrine system. This dis-ease, if not corrected, will end up in disease.

So, from this Higher awareness perspective, we need to observe anger, not by suppressing it but by observing the way these thoughts, emotions and issues arise, that causes this anger. Through just observing and not being "moved" by this anger, you will then bring true inner joy and bliss into your being and life.


                     TEMPERANCE versus GLUTTONY












TEMPERANCE  is such a wonderful virtue. To have this virtue is to not re-act to the external world and be in constant mindfulness of the environment and its function. 

It is to be present and take action with the appropriate measure without any blockage from ones thought or emotion. If one can stay calm in all situations and observe from the self in that moment, then one can deal with life with ease.

In regards to how to eat; are you in control and making the choice or is the choice making you, and to not let the thought about something dominate you, allowing you to be truly present. No aggression, not eating dis-eased food, not making judgement, knowing what is good and righteous and be actioning that right choice.

Every time you do this it will make you vibrate higher .and free an energy center and get you closer to who you are as a Divine Being.


If you cannot, then the pain body emotion will feel the sin of Gluttony and thus keeping you separated from your True Self. To have this sin in your unconscious behavior is to lose the higher awareness by overindulging in the left brain egoic tendencies of thought.

To allow a demon of thought to control the moderation /balance of life, is taking you away from the present moment, and not allowing you to expanse your consciousness.

Overindulging in Food will make these thoughts becoming more powerful and with each subsequent overindulgence, they become even more powerful and controlling, leading to disease and obesity.


Over indulging in material will lose focus of truth, again removing connection to source..

All this will cause an unstable environment externally that will lead to one being ultimately left with a short-lived unhappy life without love, bliss, balance.......

Temperance is the virtue that once you have mastery of it brings balance within your true divine being and is not controlled or able to be overridden by the ego mind, whenever it desires…


Simply said, it is your spirit/awareness /consciousness empowered ability to control your emotions, attitude and appetite.

As the ego is not dominating the spirit, you are embodied by the light, which is your true nature and it takes over. When you continue to be controlled by your thoughts (ego-mind) and you identify with it, you get swept away with thoughts/demons creating emotion.

No matter how urgent it seems to your mind at the time, you should stop paying attention to it, and wait till peace is present, before you take any action, no matter how long this takes.

This will allow you as to always to remain in Temperance. Remember to just slow down and let the Self come into presence.  This way no-thing can affect your pure homeostasis within.

It is just a matter of time and mastery, then the subconscious changes from the old system to the new higher system, and you are a Human (god man) Being once again.

temperance -gluttony.jpg


                             DILIGENCE versus SLOTH









The VIRTUE of diligence means that one should take the necessary steps needed in your current awareness to make sure things get done to make your reality the way as you want it to be.

Diligence is to complete a task and finish it to the best you can… may it be physical or metaphysical.  Discipline and true will towards that which we are doing in a righteous way even when no one is watching.  Attention to details with grace and joy with excellence is diligence.

It is never to give up, stay on the course as to create balance in your life, and to not allow any obstacles to discourage you, but to view them as a stepping stone in your journey as to become the best expression of all that you are. 

It is to stay present and to flow with time, completing each task, being true to your intuition and feeling, and not be taken off course by demons (thought forms) from any energetic form, whether it be from another beings, tv, media or your own thoughts. It is to persist in your path with full effort, your ethics and righteousness…

If not, you will encounter the sin / vice SLOTH.

Sloth is the opposing Lower power of Diligence. The sinful nature of sloth will eventually manifest inside your essence and block the freedom of movement within your energy centers.

It is not about being just lazy, computer games, pizza, overweight, etc. It’s about the effects on your day to day decisions that gives you an outcome against what you truly desire, by not being virtuous..... Be receptive and you will see..

Common signs are: a lack of feeling to self and others, procrastination (making excuses, waiting on someone else to take the lead, living in the future with no present action)

This is causing issues and dominating behavior from the ego, halting progression and leading to thought and judgement, boredom, sadness, negative emotive expression, laziness, sluggish and a poor outlook on your current experience, in self pity and with lack of self care.

Do not overcomplicate things…Life is simple.

Observe your current state and see if you’re living virtuously…

You are not the thinker.

You are the observer.

How to free your energy, BE……..  DILIGENT

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