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The 7-7-7 Journey

7 Days Raw Food-7 Days Fruit Only-7 Days Juice Challenge


​ Once you have gone through the 6 Phase Healing Journey, then the 7-7-7 Journey is a great way as to restore any dis-ease that may resurface. It is ideal to do during the change of the seasons.


It is also a great way as for vegans and vegetarians, that are still consuming some animal and/or cooked foods, to advance their healing in Body, Mind & Spirit.


The 7-7-7 Journey can also be used by those who are still on the "American diet".

However, for those who are already experiencing any diseases, I recommend doing the phase 6 Healing Journey first, as this allows for a gentler healing process and avoiding a healing crisis.

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Nutrition is a vital aspect that needs to be mastered if you want to achieve Optimal health. The food that is available in the so called “civilized world” is so far removed from what food should be, and is one of the primary causes of disease.

Thus, to stop the manifestation of disease, you must stop consuming foods that take away life force. These foods take life force away as they are non-living foods aka dead foods. For the body to try to convert these so called foods, into something that the body can use, comes with a tremendous cost.

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The cost is, that during this attempt to convert this dead food into something useable, it robs the body from vital nutrients, and it ends up making the environment that the cells live in, very acidic.


Cells can not live in an acidic environment. This acidic environment causes the cells to slowly die. This dying of the cells is expressed first as dis-ease, aka symptoms, and eventually, if the environment in which the cells are living is not changed, disease will be manifested.

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Thus, consuming living foods is a must if you want to stop not only manifesting dis-ease, aka symptoms, but also that this dis-ease becomes a full-blown disease, in whatever form that may be.


By consuming living foods, you will start reversing the process and changing the inner environment into a more alkaline environment, in which cells then can thrive.

First step that the body will undertake when you provide them with living foods, is to start to clean up the toxicity and debris that is preventing the cells to do what they are designed to do. These cells can be part of your digestive system, muscular system, your heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, etc.

An accelerated way as to clear the body from all these toxins is fasting.

However, there are many different types of fasts, and this 7-7-7 journey is helping you to transition into this, without overwhelming the body with too many detox symptoms. Fasting is like working out, the more you do it the easier it gets.


                                                      Why Fasting


Fasting is often thought of as starvation and many people find it hard to grasp the thought of going without food for any period of time. This especially regarding the processed foods that they are so used to consume. Thus, abstinence from these foods will often already have a profound effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

When you are fasting, you are relieving the Self of the digestive and elimination process and thus it can concentrate more of its energy on repairing & healing.


Depending on the type of fast (intermittent fasting, eliminating junk/processed foods fast, juice/vegetable fast, juice fast, mono-fruit fast, water fast) and the duration of the fast, it has the power to start healing the body of dis-ease and reverse many illnesses.​

A juice/water fast is what one is working towards to, and is not only most healing but also more intense and thus requires awareness as you will abstain from all foods, and drink only juice or water for a period of time.

During a fast, any stored material that remains in the digestive tract is utilized first.


When on a water fast then also the adipose tissue & glycogen reserves are utilized. Once these reserves are depleted, non-essential tissues are used for the preservation and ability for the vital organs to function effectively.

During a fast, a metamorphosis occurs, as the body undergoes a destroying and rebuilding of damaged materials.

Fasting has the ability to rejuvenate and also gives you a greater connection to the Divine. You will become more youthful, and your body will start to repair as it dissolves diseased cells in a systematic manner, leaving only the healthy tissue. The result is a cleansing of all parts of the cellular structures.

There is a redistribution of nutrients in the fasting body as it hangs onto minerals and vitamins whilst flushing out the old tissue toxins and inferior materials in each cell of your body.


Dead cells and tumor-like growths are absorbed & eliminated. Repair of the body happens a lot more rapid during a fast as the tissues, organ and cells undergo a complete internal metamorphosis.

It takes at least 72 hours for each organ to eliminate the different toxins that affect it. 72 hours is a cycle of time it takes for an immune system regeneration phase and can reset and reverse damage done for example with chemo-therapy.

Fasting without total release may be harmful since you are simply moving the toxins throughout the body without eliminating them. The recommendation is to for at least 72 hours four times a year on both the solstices and the equinoxes and in-joy intermittently fasting most days.


Detoxifying your body when mother nature naturally changes season and cleanses the Earth, is a great way to optimize one’s health.

Fasting is a natural spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healer. Juice is the optimal way as to alkalize your body system and thus keeping your gut and all cells happy and healthy.


Fasting allows the environment in which ALL cells live to become healthier again so they can do what they are designed to do.

The 7-7-7 journey starts with eliminating all the processed and cooked foods the first 7 days. You can use meals made of living foods which includes smoothies, juices, salads. The second 7 days is to drink smoothies and juice only and the last 7 days is juice only.

The main reason to do a juice fast is to not only allow the digestive system to rest, but at the same time filling the body with glucose and an abundance of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to restore what has been lost during poor eating habits, and thus helping to heal and reverse dis-ease.

After these 21 days, it is highly beneficial if you can finish the cleanse of with a 1-to-3-day water fast, which will allow cleansing and healing on an even deeper level.

A 3-day (72 hours) water fasting period is Optimal and helps to fully clean the lymphatic system and dump any excess minerals.



                                         Benefits of water fasting


There are the most incredible benefits from water fasting. Long term water only fasting has such a profound impact on mechanisms in our bodies for healing. Weight-loss alone, from the fat stores, are usually recorded averaging 1lb a day.

The weight lost will not be regained if you continue a whole food diet. You will actually continue to lose the fat as you Refeed. This is not only scientifically proven, but I also experienced this myself. The only weight that will be added will just be the glycogen storing inside the muscle tissue.

Not only body fat will go, but you will also lose visceral fat.

Water fasting induces improved efficiency and effectiveness of the enzymes systems and they persist after the fasting, which is the same as an athlete training who gets better each time they train, thus you get better at fasting each time you do it. 

Therefore, intermittent fasting daily, such as 16 hours with no food and an 8 hour refeed window, will already have a significance in your improvement of your body physiology and longevity. 


There is also a something that occurs during water fasting, that is not found so much in juice fasting, which is that the body dumps a load of excess fluids, and this happens straight away.

This drops blood pressure instantly, gets rid of the congestive heart failure systems, eliminates some of the joint swelling and arthritic symptoms, and it also helps repair, regenerate non healing wounds and the removing of all the excess sodium accumulated from poor lifestyle choices.

Water fasting is the ultimate rapid detoxifying measure and rapidly mobilizes toxins accumulated in the fat cells. Fat cells contain hundreds of different chemicals in various proportions, heavy metals, and pesticides residues

                                     The Re-Feed after Fasting

Once you have done a fast, you should be conscious of what you need to do after. What we you-feed your body with is essential for good gut bacteria/flora and the trillion microbes that you want to build back to alignment with your system and future eating habits.

If you are coming from a water fast, then initially refill the glycogen stores with juice (orange juice, apple) and slowly intake a liter over the period of an hour. You may wish to juice for 1 whole day on fruit and this would be optimal. The weight gains during this process will be in the muscle (glycogen).

On the second day (if you have done a juice fast and no water fast, then this is your 1st day), start by consuming the softest fruits at a very ripe stage. Great examples such as papayas, mangoes, kiwi, pears, plums and nectarines…

The fruit that ferments the easiest is the best for you, especially at this re-feed time.

Do not overindulge, just allow the fruit to sit inside for a good hour and then slowly intake more. Try to be present with this food and appreciate the realness of what is there for you at this moment. Feel every aspect of the nature of where you are, and that level of gratitude will serve you in life. Then after the 1st day, slowly integrate what your new average daily food source will be.

Each time you fast, food awareness picks up and progression to the sensitivity of your inner mechanics will bring clarity to what foods harm and what foods heal. Be gentle…garlic, onions, chilies, meat, dairy— too much heavy cooked food, please avoid…

But this is essentially your journey, so learn and grown at your own pace.

I invite you to join the 7-7-7 Journey and join like-minded souls, who are ready to manifest Optimal Health.


Again.... for those who have been primarily on a conventional diet, meaning consuming processed and cooked food, then the 6-phase healing Journey program will allow for an even more gradual transitioning.


Each phase should last at least 2 weeks and you can extend each phase to 6 weeks or even longer, depending on where you are in your healing journey. This will help as to avoid too many detox symptoms as well as to stay on track as it can be extremely difficult to let go of the addiction of these cooked and processed foods.

The organisms that are eating these dead foods are the ones that keep the cravings going amplified by any established habits and behaviors.


      Click the link below for information regarding the 6-Phase Healing Journey





       With much gratitude to Josh X for providing the foundation for this program

                                  Please visit Josh X at

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