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Are you living in Heaven or Hell?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In my previous Blog " Rasing the Chrism Oil" I provided you with the Journey that is required as for you, and all of us, to get out of Hell.

We are living in a world of Duality of Good and Evil, Heaven or Hell, in all its expressions.

The only one thing that keeps us truly in Hell is the choices that we make in each and every moment. We have descended into this world, meaning coming into physical form as to ASCEND back up, and go home. It is this journey that leads you to eternal health and happiness and not just the illusion of it.

Spirit is always waiting patiently, as for us to start this journey. However, to do this we have to have a vessel that is ready. Ready means in Body, Mind & Spirit

To be ready in regard to the physical body means that we have to become alkaline as an acid body will destroy the Chrism oil, almost instantly.

The Chrism oil is generated in the Claustrum by "the Highest High" (God), 3 days a month from the age of 12.

1/2 goes to the pineal gland and 1/2 goes to the Pituitary gland. In the Pineal Gland it becomes yellow (honey) and has electric properties, and in the Pituitary Body it becomes white (milk) and has magnetic properties. It is here where polarity is created; Positive/negative, male/female, dark/light, good/bad, love/fear, Heaven/ hell, etc.

The milk & honey then travels down the Ida (L-side of the body= the lunar/ feminine and introverted aspects of ones being) and the Pingala (R-side of the body = solar/masculine and extroverted aspects of ones being), and they cross each other at each chakra. The milk & honey / Joseph and Mary, ends up in the sacrum, aka as sacred place as it holds the sacred secretions.

During this time, the fluid (milk & honey) drops more and more in vibration and needs to be merged again, which is done in the sacrum. The journey is to raise the Chrism oil back up to heaven, through the 6 in-body Chakra's.

You do this by raising the vibration of each chakra and by not squandering / destroying the Chrism oil through a life of non-virtues living.

The biggest obstacle is our L-brain and our L-brain society. Combined they keep us stuck in hell as it takes us out of the present moment, and keeps us out of the R-brain, where God resides, and thus depletes our life force.

Our society is conspiring against you in almost every way, as for you to be able to rise up.

For example: take a look at the foods that are available in our "super"markets.

Thet are truly death markets, as 99% of the food they sell is devoid of life.

This food causes not only severe acidity but also causes unwanted creatures likes parasites, worms, candida, etc. to make your body their home.

Are you aware that ALL disease is due to your cells living in an acidic environment, created by the choices you have made so far, with food choices being one of them? Not easy to admit, but a must if you want to get rid of any dis-ease / disease. An acidic inner environment will not only manifest physical disease but also mental and emotional disease.

There are many people with the greatest intention but still are being deceived as they do not know the whole truth. For example, being a vegan is very popular and even promoted by the likes of Bill Gates. You know if Bill Gates promotes it, then there is sure an agenda (deception) behind it.

Many vegan foods are still acid producing foods as they are non-living aka dead foods. Becoming a true vegan is a vital step as eating meat is not only creating massive acidity, but you also will never be able to rise the Chrism oil as you are contributing to the continuation of torturing and murdering God's creatures.

We are meant to eat seed bearing living foods only, as stated in the bible. However, we have been made to belief that we need the protein that meat provides, which is lie of grand proportions.

Our body is the Church of Christ and is able to do miraculous things if we allow it.

One of those things is that your inner body wisdom makes all that the body requires when we feed it what God told us to eat, which is every seed-bearing plant and fruit on the planet. We are FRUGIVORES by design, because we are alkaline by design.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the colors of the Chakras coincide with the colors of the acid-alkaline scale? To manifest health in Body, Mind & Spirit, you have to start with letting go of non-living, acidifying foods as the Chrism oil is unable to stay alive in an acid body, and thus never has a chance to rise up, no matter if you have the best of intentions.

By becoming more alkaline, you will start to be able to stay more in the present moment and gain more clarity. This is just the beginning of what is needed as part of the journey, but a vital step towards manifesting Heaven on Earth.

The 5-phase healing journey is a great program as for you to start this journey and is available on our website.

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