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How is your ENERGY body doing ?

In this blog I like to address the Energy body. Your Energy body is also your Personal Quantum Field.

The Energy Body consists of:

1) A Spiritual Aspect

2) A Mental Aspect

3) An Emotional aspect

Each of the 3 aspects are not only interconnected but they also determine how you feel and express yourself into the world. We all have dreams, and many have forgotten what they are and being imprisoned by the demands of life.

Becoming aware what keeps you imprisoned is key. YOU are the key to unlock your own self-made prison. Others can help you but at some point, you must turn the key and walk out of your prison. That part no one can do for you, but you. You must walk away from the old before you can create the new.

Now be aware that this walking away is an internal process FIRST. Many people walk away from an external situation like leaving a job, a relationship, moving to a different city, etc. as to encounter the same issues, just in a different package, different story. It might give some short-term relief but then the inner dis-ease shows up again and you end up manifesting similar outcomes, just in a different town, different relationship, or different career.

Your energy body is at the core of true lasting change. Your thoughts and emotions are affecting your choices and subsequent actions and thus what you manifest in your life. Many of these choices are done by habit, on autopilot, on an unconscious level. By making these choices conscious it will allow you to become more aware of how these so-called choices are creating your dreams or sabotaging it.

The Outer aspects, which is your manifested reality, your life, are the aspects where you get the feedback of what you have created so far based on the choices you made, no matter of this was a conscious choice or an unconscious choice. Also, not making a choice is also a choice.

Developing the awareness of why you are making the choices you are making, is step one as to start transforming your life, and to start creating a true fulfilling life for yourself, the ones you love, and then the world.

By letting go of the old patterns based on outdated beliefs, you are allowing your life force to flow and to create not only Optimal Health but also the clarity, the inner peace as to follow your inner guidance, as it knows the path of least resistance for you in this world of struggle.

Looking at the world today, many are living a life of just getting by. Only you can make the choice as to change that which continues to create unwanted outcomes, no matter in what aspect of your life that may be.

Life is an ongoing journey and you are always in the drivers seat, whether you are aware if it or not.

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