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“The Power of Food”

For most of you that read this blog post, food is readily available. Unfortunately, at the same the majority of this food is not only devoid of any life force but it is also highly toxic.

As a society, our physical body is often so toxic that it is not even warning us anymore that the food that we eat is not good for us. It only “warns” us when there is such a level of toxicity that symptoms are severe. Severe meaning like in acute phases like food poisoning but more often due to a chronic accumulation of toxins for often decades. The latter meaning the beginning of chronic disease is starting to set in.

To take care of these chronic symptoms, many take in even more toxins (OTC and prescription meds). This only causes the body to go even deeper in disease mode.

It seems like common sense has left the planet and that many people are just taking the “instant relief” approach without thinking about any of the long-term consequences. We have been programmed to belief al the lies that are told by all those that are fueled by power and greed.

Big money has its hands in all aspects of our life and the food manufacturing system is just one of many.

Have you ever wondered how we got to the point that we are consuming products that are for the majority non-living foods? These non-living foods create an environment in our body of trying to survive. Our body will do the best it can as to try to convert these foods in something we can use. However, this is also a lie. What truly happens is that the body is only squandering its life force in trying to do this.

All these so-called foods are creating a very toxic environment in which your cells can not live, and thus these cells are in a constant state of not dying. Now some people may be “lucky” as they are born with a little more life force then someone else. They may end up being 80 or even 90 years old, but often there is not much quality of life towards the end.

As a society we belief that getting older comes with significant decline. This is not an absolute truth but a truth for many, and it all depends on the choices you make. Consuming non-living aka dead foods will create death, rather sooner than later.

It will not only manifest an earlier death but also the road towards the end is often filled with much suffering aka chronic diseases. Big pharma is making big money on the suffering of many while making sure that you keep believing that their products are the solution you have been looking for.

Have you noticed how most of the advertising on the tel-a-vision are adds from big pharma? They encourage you as to go to your doctor and ask for the magical pill. I also noticed that the people (actors) in these ads are also getting younger and younger. Am I the only one that finds it comical that they provide one remedy while telling you at the same time all the horrible side effects that may occur if you take their magical solution?

The solution is quite simple, start eating foods that contain the life force that is naturally present. This simply means eating foods in its most natural form and thus getting rid of all packaged aka processed foods. Yes, I know…… it may mean throwing out almost 95% of all the food that is in your home right now. Can you see how bad the situation has gotten? It is sad but o so true, and I am not even talking about the genetically modified fruits and vegetables and the boat lead of pesticides that are used as to “protect” the consumer.

Start with replacing dead food with living foods the best way you can. Yes organic, non-GMO and local farmers market is even better, but not eating packaged processed foods is a great start.

I am not different then you. I also had to transition and continue to do so. While at times still battling the food addiction demons, I am presently consuming 90 to 95 % living foods and primarily in the form of fruit. The processed food addiction is not only because of convenience and habit, but because these processed foods cannot be converted by the healthy bacteria in your digestive system, and thus “other species” are are required to get rid of this non-food. This causes your body to be invaded by these "other species" like parasites, worms, candida, etc.

Once they are in your system they do not want to die and thus if you try to stop eating the foods that they need as to stay alive, they will make sure you will eat them. This is the true reason of many cravings and why it is so hard to stop eating these processed foods. In the meantime, your healthy bacteria are being overrun by these invaders and dis-ease sets in.

This dis-ease, aka symptoms, you may initially suppress by the continuation of consuming these processed foods, but their will come a point that these symptoms become more persistent and now you have manifested a disease. Then the next level of suppression for many is the use of OTC or prescription meds. This will drive the disease even deeper into the body and a steady chronic decline is inevitable and additional dis-eases (symptoms) will come to the fore. Ever wonder why so many people start of on 1 or 2 meds and after 5-6 years seem to have promoted to 10 or more. Now you know the reason.

The medical system has become so bold that if you end up in the hospital and have no meds, they will often send you home with 4-5 meds at least, as to make sure you will be “OK”.

The system is what it is, and the only thing you truly can do is to make an informed choice. The choice is simple. Get rid of all processed foods and replace them with living foods. Yes, this is a process.

You can make great improvements at any age. The longer you have consumed processed foods, the more chronic ailments you have acquired, the more discipline and patience is required. It all starts with a choice. A conscious choice, which is yours and yours alone.

That you may be blessed with the power of conscious choice

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Angela Harrington
Angela Harrington
25 de jun. de 2021

Well said my love. Blessed to be on this journey with you.


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