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What about our Healthcare System ?

Our Western Healthcare System has made some great strides in emergency medicine. However, in preventing chronic disease it continues to miss the boat.

There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that it is not very profitable if everybody experiences great health.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most powerful industries in the world. Not because they produce such life enhancing products but because they have the resources (money) as to persuade many in power as to direct the laws into the direction that benefits Big Pharma the most.

The food industry is doing the same and it is mind-blowing how many toxins are allowed in the food that is being sold. Looks like the food industry makes you sick and big pharma will keep you sick.

During this covid-19 plandemic, it is even more evident how Big Pharma and the government are having the same agenda, all under the motto as to free us from this terrible Covid-19 disease. Many are willing to be the voluntary lab-rats but just as many are seeing through the deception that has been going on for many decades.

Thus, we are seeing a rift not only in the medical community but also among the population.

As I mentioned, the healthcare system has made great strides in emergency medicine and its value cannot be underestimated. Now there is value in the pill for every ill approach also. Those who are not interested in taking much responsibility for their health and wellbeing, will need the symptom suppressing pills as to continue their activities without too much debilitation.

They ignorantly will pay the price later when the body is so toxic and devoid of life force, that life at its best becomes one of just getting by, as all the previous suppressed dis-ease(s), aka warning signs or symptoms, are now being expressed as full-blown physical diseases.

The many so-called scientific studies as to proof that these pharmaceuticals are not only effective but also safe, are primarily funded by big pharma and thus you can guess the outcome. Trying to heal an already toxic body with even more toxins is often just the final nail in the coffin. Unfortunately, this is still the most common scenario, as most people are unaware what it takes to achieve Optimal Health.

The world we live in today provides us with numerous challenges(stressors) as to keep our physical body healthy. Not only challenges regarding eating healthy foods and drinking the cleanest water, but also toxins that disrupt our energy fields through all the electronics that are surrounding us almost 24/7.

The media is another controlled outlet and owned by the same big conglomerates. They bombard you with endless commercials of toxic foods, as well as which new Big Pharma product can take all the discomfort away…. while telling you the numerous side effects in the background.

All these stressors put a tremendous demand on your Physical body and the first system that gets out of balance is the endocrine system. Un unbalanced life leads to an unbalanced endocrine system and a chronic unbalanced endocrine system will slowly not only destroy the body from the inside out but eventually also drain all the joy and vitality out of your life. Using chemicals (pharmaceuticals) to correct this is like adding fuel to a fire.

The treatment is simple as it is to correct to stressor in whatever form that may be.

The world we live in is full of deception. This is not to scare you but for you to become aware of, so that you can make conscious choices that will allow you to create your best life ever.

Knowledge is power as it will allow you to make new choices, away from chronic dis-ease short term and chronic disease down the road.

We all have been lied to in almost every aspect of the life we are living. Healthcare is just one aspect. There are many people with the highest intentions that do their best as to make a difference in this largely outdated system ruled by Newtonian Physics.

I had the privilege to work with many of them for over 30 years, and I continue to witness the unstoppable decline of those that have been investing too much in this pill-for-every-ill-cure.

Thus, now even more than ever, knowledge is power, and it will allow you to make those choices as to prevent that you become one of the statistics of big Pharma.

It’s time to let the Golden years be Golden Years, no matter what age you are.

Talk soon


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