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As an Energy Coach, I promote wellness by getting to the root causes of interference that do not allow the body to function as it is designed to function.

The interference can be in any of the 7 aspects and thus as an Energy Coach, I assist you the client, not only to discover the areas of interference but also assist you as how to correct them.

This can be eliminating or at least significantly reducing the interference as to allow for optimum energy flow, and thus allowing the body to do what it is designed to do which is manifest health.

This is a journey and although some steps are similar, others are as unique as you are.

On top of that, we are all at different stages of this journey which affects how we perceive the world and thus the choices we are making.

The ease or dis-ease present in this creation (Body, Mind & Spirit) determines how you will perceive and thus experience your life. This becomes even more pronounced when the dis-ease(s) becomes a true disease(s). ​

Thus, to say it in very simple words, the primary objective is to discover that which brings ease and what brings dis-ease into your life and then to make new choices as to reduce the dis-ease.

This is the journey that we at Optimal health Solutions assist you with so you can manifest not only Optimal health but a life that you truly enjoy.



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